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5 Advantages of Solving Previous Years'
JEE Main Question Papers

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2021 exam will be conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) in two sessions. Although the exams are postponed to a future date due to the pandemic, the aspirants must take this extra free time to increase their grasp of the syllabus. To increase their chances of selection, the students can practice the JEE Main previous years’ question papers regularly to be confident enough to solve the questions in the exam. Along with mock tests, solving the JEE Main 2021 question paper will also boost their confidence and help them with time management issues. Here are some of the advantages of solving previous years’ question papers:

1. Understanding the types of questions

Solving the previous year’s paper helps you familiarise yourself with the question patterns and types of questions that come in the exam. If we go by expert data, almost 60-80% question pattern is repeated every year with a slight change in the numerical data. This can be a boon for the students as they can easily and quickly apply their knowledge and solve the questions faster. Furthermore, you can crack the exam once you are familiar with the questions.

2. Knowing strengths and weaknesses

Solving previous year’s papers help you in getting to know your strengths and weaknesses in any subject and topic. Once you are aware of the weaknesses, you can practice them more and try to get your concepts clear in that topic. In the other JEE exam, you will face negative marking consequences where it becomes essential that you do not make mistakes in the examination. This is the time where your practice will pay off as it helps you eradicate your weaknesses at an earlier stage.

3. Time management

JEE Main is 390 marks, and the exam duration is 3 hours. You are very tight on time, so you need to make sure that your decisions are swift and accurate. Regular previous year practice papers in time foundation will make you familiar with this concept. In addition, you will have prior experience in solving the paper in time. JEE Main tests your speed and accuracy, which you need to have to pass the exam.

4. Boost confidence

When you are familiar with the format of the questions and have mastered the time management issues, your confidence automatically boosts up, which is an important indicator of success. After regular practice with the question paper, you are aware of the type of questions and the strategy to solve them. This gives you a morale boost during the exam, which is essential to not break up during the exam.

5. Understanding exam pattern

Before sitting for any exam, it becomes extremely important that you are familiar with the exam pattern. There is a very sharp contrast between the JEE Main and Advanced. In mains, you get MCQ questions. In Advanced, you need to solve the questions, get the integer answers, write the answers, and even match-type questions. Any student who goes in the Advanced with MCQ in mind will be shocked by the wide variety of question patterns, which may also hamper their performance. Hence, you must be aware of the exam pattern.

Check detailed exam pattern here -


The advantages of trying previous year’s papers are that you are familiar with the question pattern that helps you develop speed and manage time properly. Along with mock tests, solve previous year papers frequently.

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