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Prepping for Your Online Courses This Fall?
5 Things to Expect

As fall quickly approaches, the college year will likely look a little different. Many schools are transitioning to online classes for at least the first semester as the world continues to grapple with Covid-19.

For many students, this will be their first experience with an online course. Although the education is the same, the way it’s presented and how you interact with everyone is quite different.

To get you ready for what is to come, here are five things you can expect with your online courses this fall.

Managing Your Time is Crucial

With an online class, you quickly learn how to manage your time. If not, it’s easy to fall behind in the course.

Some classes have a work at your own pace theme, in which as long as you get the readings and assignments done, you complete them when you can. Others still have deadlines, but when you’re not physically in class, you don’t get the same reminder about upcoming assignments and tests.

All Your Assignments Are Digital

Since you don’t go to a class and see the professor face-to-face, all your assignments will likely be done digitally. From presentations to taking tests, you do everything on your device.

For some, this allows them to get creative with assignments. For things like an online presentation to your class, it can get more challenging as you need to retain their attention virtually.

It Can Get Lonely

If every class is online and you don’t go to any classroom, online classes can get a bit lonely. You don’t get the same kind of interaction from classmates as you would with in-person courses. Many discussions happen through forums, which you type your answers.

One way to combat this is by creating virtual study groups. Link up with a few classmates and schedule Zoom meetings or Facetime calls. That way, you still get the face-to-face interaction and can discuss what’s coming up next.

You’ll Need an Office Space

One of the great things about online classes is the ability to work at it on your leisure at virtually any location. However, that doesn’t mean you should.

It’s essential that you still give the online class your full attention like you would for in-person classes. That means sitting in front of the television working on your readings won’t cut it. Although we like to think we can multitask, online courses still deserve your full attention. Having a designated working zone will help.

Your Workload Will Be Basically the Same

There’s a common thought that online classes are easier than in-person ones. Quite often, that comes from not having the professor there to see if you’re paying attention and following along with the content.

As many find out right away, online classes can be just as, or even more challenging than traditional classes. Your workload will basically be the same as any other class. Where many find it more challenging is the time management to keep up with everything. However, don’t let that deter you from your online class.

As you get ready for the upcoming college semester and how different it will look, prepare yourself for the adjustment to an online class. You’ll receive the same great education but in a different format.

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