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Top Tips on Preparing for Success at NEET PG

Finding success at The National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels can be tough. Even if you enroll at a top NEET coaching institute, you will still need to undertake long hours of intense study to be successful. When you appear for NEET at the PG level, you should be ready to answer questions on everything you have studied during your MBBS course and more. While a good coaching institute can help you a lot, you will also benefit from the following tips for preparing at home.

Be Familiar with the Entire Syllabus

The first step in preparing for the NEET Post-graduate examination is becoming familiar with the syllabus. Instead of merely scanning the topic names, you need to delve deeper into it to know what every topic includes. You should also know the weight assigned to different topics, so you can devote your time appropriately.

Know the Scheme of Marking

You should know that the NEET marking scheme follows a negative marking system to discourage candidates from guessing the answers randomly. It is vital to remain calm and focused while taking the test so that you don’t make mistakes that can penalize you with negative markings. Remember, you can appear for the test only in the online mode and only in English. You must brush up on your language skills if you are not proficient in English. The test duration is 3 hours and 30 minutes, during which you will need to answer 200 questions in the multiple choice question (MCQ) format. Enrolling in the neet pg test series will help you to prepare for the question format.

Study the Pattern of the Questions

You must scrutinize the question papers of the NEET examination of the earlier years to figure out the pattern of the questions. By analyzing the questions asked in previous years, you will know the topics on which questions are asked more frequently and require more in-depth preparation. Even though you can be asked questions on any topic, analyzing previous years’ question papers will yield valuable pointers to help you prioritize.

Focus on the Basics

Because the NEET Postgraduate exam syllabus is vast, you may be confused about what to focus on. People who understand the system well suggest you begin your preparation with the basics and then focus on the shorter subjects because you will find them easy to complete without consuming too much time. These basic topics comprise nearly 60% of the syllabus, which means you are now free to tackle the more complicated ones.


To achieve success in NEET, you must study hard and intelligently. However, according to India Today, it is necessary to take breaks to relax. Because you are likely to have other things to occupy your time, you should prepare a workable timetable and stick to it dedicatedly. Keep making exhaustive notes of what you are studying at home and your coaching institute. Highlighting the important points as you study will help save time significantly when you are revising before the exam. Try to appear for as many mock tests as possible to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency.

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