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What to Look For in a Pre-Employment
Testing Company?

The amount spent on hiring and training an employee who doesn’t stay long enough in the enterprise will invariably be calculated as a loss. Imagine spending thousands of dollars on selecting, onboarding, and paying employee salary with little or return.

The employee will either leave the enterprise or continue to be unproductive. An enterprise cannot afford both options. That too, when we are talking about more than one employee! That’s the reason enterprises are looking at pre-employment tests as a means to avoid bad hires.

Pre-employment tests are comprehensive testing methods where the HR personnel use systematic and computerized processes to screen the candidates and shortlist the best from the rest. There are many testing software solutions available in the market for enterprises to choose from.

Pre-Employment Testing

But it is important to identify and choose the right software that can provide enterprises with the kind of test tools it requires. The success of using pre employment tests depends on various factors. One of the biggest factors is the Pre Employment Testing Company. The right service provider will offer the following to the enterprises.

Database of Test Forms:

The testing company should have a large database of test forms covering all the topics and subjects from various industries. The test forms should be ready-to-use and easy to customize based on what the enterprise wants.

Advanced Simulations:

Candidates should participate in the tests easily without having to download new software or browser plug-ins. Both recruiters and candidates will appreciate simple and effective test forms with advanced simulations that enhance user experience.

Technical Support:

Recruiters will need technical support to integrate the forms, to check that the tests are as per their specifications and that there are no errors in the test form. The testing company should provide round the clock technical support to make sure everything is just as it should be.

Guidance to Conduct the Tests:

While technical assistance is one thing, guidance with choosing the test forms, customizing them, or creating new ones is another factor enterprises should consider. Recruiters should get assistance with customizing the forms based on the job and enterprise requirements.


Pre-employment tests are legal. However, the tests should be compliant with the industry-wise regulations. The data uploaded to the software should be kept confidential and secure by the testing company to avoid legal complications in the future.

System Integrations:

Recruiters will have to spend too much time and energy if they have to work on multiple systems at once. But if the software can be integrated into the existing HR systems, recruiters can work on a single system to compare scores, assess the test forms, and understand the candidates.

Importance of Pre Employment Tests

Pre employment tests are important for the following reasons...

  • Recruiters can avoid hiring mistakes, thereby preventing loss of money spent on selecting, training, and paying the wrong candidate.
  • When enterprises hire suitable candidates, the rate of employee turnover will automatically decrease. This means that the enterprise doesn’t have to repeatedly invest in hiring new candidates.
  • Eligible and capable candidates are productive. They perform well and deliver the expected results at the job. This will increase the overall productivity of the enterprise.
  • Pre employment tests are a great way to recognize the potential of candidates. The performance of the candidate at the test will show if the person is capable of handling the job or not.
  • The tests also act as a medium to help recruiters identify discrepancies between what the candidates claim in the resume and what they are capable of. Recruiters can avoid job mismatches by carefully assessing the test forms.
  • It is easy for recruiters to feel biased towards or against candidates based on personal tastes or preferences or prejudices. Pre employment tests eliminate this bias as recruiters focus on analyzing the test forms rather than the person.
  • Filtering candidates is easy using pre employment tests. All the candidates who score less than the predetermined cut-off marks are automatically rejected. Recruiters do not have to check each and every test form.
  • Analyzing the test forms will help recruiters get better insights about the candidates. This is not possible by simply securitizing the resumes or conducting personal interviews.
  • The Pre Employment Testing Company provides a comprehensive system for recruiters to manage the entire hiring process without any glitches or bumps. This increases job satisfaction for recruiters and also improves the test experience for the candidates.

For enterprises and organizations to follow the best hiring process, it is essential to choose the right testing company. Premium companies offer high-quality services and are famous for enhancing user experience. Enterprises can contact the testing company to request a demo.

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