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Powerful Alumni Networks at Colleges

It’s been a stereotype for ages. The dean's son gets into the college that he has not qualified to attend. The rich benefactor manages to get their kid’s suspension removed. These examples are not as pervasive as they used to be, but they still occur. A college’s alumni network is undeniably powerful.

And as for the question of why, the answer is incredibly clear. Alumni networks fund large percentages of many colleges' total budget. While there are absolutely research grants, government funding, and general fundraising. Alumni networks tend to be the ones to keep colleges afloat.

These alumni networks tend to do much more than just provide money though. They can help to guide the direction of the college. Starting up new programs, mentoring, and generally staying involved on campus. This is what builds up the culture of many colleges. While students are constantly moving in and out, alumni and professors alike tend to stay much longer.

This is what makes college’s alumni such a powerhouse force. Not only are they funding, but they’re helping to move the culture of a campus. Community is central to any university, and alumni are an underrated aspect of what builds it. Learn more about the power of influence networks below:

Powerful Alumni Networks at Colleges

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