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5 Tricks for Paying for College in 2018


The world does not stand still. It is developing at a very fast pace. Common knowledge is that every day is full of changes that is why we have the best chance to realize the role of education and its integral part in our development. Modern technologies give students the possibility to relax and enjoy the study as today writing coursework cheap is available for everybody.

The study is one of the main stages in our life. Without it most likely you will not be able to contribute to the world or earn money because of ignorance.

Even those people who used to look contemptuously at the documents testifying to the acquisition of a specialty are now thinking. All this is happening because in our time education is the power with which you can achieve success and ensure a decent life for yourself and your family. That is why most modern parents save money to give a good education to their children, who, in turn, should try and study well, so that parental money is not wasted.

Also, university studying is a connection, new contacts with important and necessary people. And by the way, it is not only about teachers who, for example, can help you get a prestigious job if you especially show your talents. Your fellow students can be the main connections for you - they, after all, will also graduate from your university, many of them will become successful people, and in a certain situation these acquaintances may be useful.

It is also encouraging that, along with young people, many adults, who already have a certain status in society and well-defined incomes, also reflect on the importance of continuous learning. But, nevertheless, they attend various advanced training courses and other programs in their specialties.

What is the average price of education?

The cost of training depends on the chosen university, the direction and format of training. The first higher education can be paid or free. The second higher education is always paid. However, there is an option when your tuition is paid by the company or company in which you work. In some universities, it is also possible to study on credit. Maternity funds can also be directed to higher education.

One of the most expensive universities are members of the Ivy League. The price of education in these universities is quite high - from $40,000 per year.

5 tips on how to minimize the cost of tuition

  1. Federal assistance.
    In addition to well-known loans, there is an opportunity to receive free financial assistance - that is, federal, which occupies a leading position among all providers of financial assistance to students in the country. Federal assistance is provided from the state budget. Each year, the US state provides about $ 120 billion. Federal grants do not need to be repaid, they have low-interest rates, and study programs can be a convenient way to simultaneously finance education and build a resume. This service is available for people with incomes below $250,000 per year.
  2. College/university scholarships.
    Another way to minimize college expenses is to get a scholarship directly from the college or university. It is one of the most desirable forms of material assistance since it usually also does not imply any response, action, except gratitude. College scholarships usually count on tuition fees, but can sometimes include living expenses. Somewhere around 80 billion dollars go to provide financial assistance to students in the United States.
  3. Scholarships By State
    State money is the third option that can help pay for tuition. If you are eligible for loans and grants at the federal level, then you can also receive funds from the state. In order to get help from the state government, you must live in the state from which you want to get a scholarship.
  4. Sponsorship by a specific organization / scientific community
    In this case, assistance is provided through the line of open scientific societies offering scholarships to graduate students, candidates, and doctors of science involved in special projects in a particular area. Often these scholarships are paid to representatives of various minorities who are underrepresented in a particular field of study - including women. In many cases, financial assistance programs of this kind are intended only for members of various organizations — for example, the American Historical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, or the Association of American Geographers.
  5. Contact with a private charity.
    Another type of financial assistance is private charities. They most often sponsor those who want to enroll in masters or doctoral programs and also support scientific research that is not aimed at obtaining a scientific degree. As a rule, to apply for a scholarship, you need to prepare a draft study.

    The most generous private charitable organization of the world in the outgoing year is recognized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2013, a charitable foundation set up by the founder of Microsoft and his wife unselfishly donated £1.63 billion to help those in need.

    The Wellcome Trust with a budget of $19 billion, founded in 1936 in London in memory of pharmaceutical magnate Henry Welkom, is engaged in the financing of scientific and medical research, protecting the lives of people and animals. And there are thousands of such funds. As you can see, in any case, you need to apply to the largest possible number of organizations or scholarship and donations. In this case, success is guaranteed.

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