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Major Advantages of Passing COMPASS
Test with PrepAway

After finishing high school most people go for higher education. Getting higher education means applying for the top universities and then giving entrance exams. Most of the students choose this path and then go for four years of college. However not all people are able to apply for the four-years degree and have to go to community colleges. Getting a higher degree is a necessary for the people to apply for the careers they actually want to pursue. Most of the people who are working or cannot go to regular 4-years college have to attend community college. The community colleges give admissions to students without any entrance test. However, once enrolled, the candidates have to pass the ACT COMPASS exam. This test is a must for most of the college going students and for their careers.

If you are someone who is willing to take admission in the community college and wants to know more about the COMPASS placement exam, this article will help you. Here we will be discussing all about the COMPASS test and how it is useful for the students who are pursuing higher educations.

What Is the Use of ACT COMPASS Exam?

As discussed above, the community college students have to take COMPASS exam. The use of the Computer-adaptive placement assessment and support system admission test is to analyze the ability of the student and check whether or not they are suitable for a certain course or they need more training. The community colleges accept students without any entrance tests. Once the students have been enrolled, the community college makes it compulsory for them to take COMPASS test. This is to check the mental ability of the student. If the student passes, they are given their chosen subjects and if they need improvement in some subjects, they will be given extra classes for preparation, known as the remedial courses.

Some of the mainstream colleges that take admission exams also ask some students to sit for the ACT COMPASS test. This is for selected students who have been enrolled in the university but were not able to score the minimum marks in all the subjects. For example, if the passing marks were 30 for science, English, math and reading; the student score 35 and over in all the other subjects but could not score the minimum marks in the math test. The college will take the student, but that will be on conditional acceptance. The university enrolls the student but asks them to pass Math test again after some training. Once the student passes, they will be enrolled without any conditions.

What Are the Advantages of Passing ACT COMPASS Test?

The major advantage of ACT COMPASS test is that it helps the universities in determining which student is eligible for an admission in the university and which is not. For the students, this score is a clear indicator of how much they need to work and what areas they need to work on. Additionally, the best part about the ACT COMPASS exam is that the student is still enrolled in the university and after some remedial course; they can start taking normal classes. They do not have to wait for another year.

These remedial courses help the students in acquiring knowledge and also in knowing which career they should be opting for after they see their scores.

How to Prepare for COMPASS Test?

Before understanding how to prepare for COMPASS exam, we need to know some basic things about the exam. These are:

  • The candidate needs to be a high school graduate to sit for the exam.
  • The candidates are judged on five major skills. These include Reading, Writing, Essay, Math, AND English as a second language.
  • The candidates have to take each of these tests separately. As we said, in the universities that take entrance tests, the candidates are only required to take the test in which they lack

Now let us move to the preparation part of the exam. The students need to understand that the students are judged on the basis of their knowledge and skills. So, if you think that you can pass the exam by cramming up all the questions, it is not possible. You will need practice.

One trick that you can use to analyze yourself is start by solving Examsnap COMPASS practice test questions and answers. You can find the papers on the official ACT website. Take those papers and solve them with 100% dedication. Once you are done, compare your score. If you have passable score, it is good, if you do not, you can start working on the areas that are weak.

Download the syllabus and start studying. As we said, do not try to cram, but learn. You can either solve practice papers every day of the entire syllabus or of the selected topics. There are many books available that can be of a lot of help. Make sure you set time limits before solving the questions. You need to aim to score over 20 marks in each test for passing. In case of math, check what areas are included in the paper and study them according to your high school syllabus. Most of the questions asked are easy to solve for a high school graduate.

However, if you have not prepared for the test, pass it the best you can. If you fail, you can always enroll for the remedial courses and improve yourself.


COMPASS placement exam is an easy exam and is kept much simpler in comparison to other college entrance tests such as SAT and ACT. However, this does not mean that you do not have to study or learn for it. You will need to work hard no matter what. Just focus on your practice and syllabus and you will be easily able to pass this exam with good scores. If you do not have a lot of time for preparation, make sure you write the paper in a way that you score at least 20 in each paper to pass.

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