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How Online Tutors Can Spark
Innovation in Their Students

In the year 2019, everyone's lives changed because of the global pandemic, Coronavirus (COVID 19). The world went into a complete lockdown resulting in a change in our lifestyles. Everything shifted to an online platform right from schools to work and life in general. We had to learn new skills and adapt to this new way of living. It wasn't easy to adapt to it in the beginning, but as times progressed, there have been some fantastic results. People figured out a way to continue with the activities of their previous lifestyle and incorporate them into their new life. There were several innovations, applications and methodologies that were developed to cope with this paradigm shift.

Online tutoring always existed even before the pandemic. Despite the changes brought in by the pandemic, there have been some very creative techniques employed by both tutors and students to add some flair into their schedule. It has helped them to follow their school curriculum without it being excessively monotonous. Everyone wants to be innovative; however, creativity doesn't stem from holding a pencil and paper. There needs to be an organised structure that enables the creative juices to flow.

As we move towards a new technologically filled tomorrow, the educational process has primarily shifted to being digital. This helps you to explore a variety of online resources that can aid you in the learning process. You can find your style of learning and find materials that are well suited to it. However, you need help in doing this. Let us discuss a few ways which can help with this process.



You want to be able to find an online platform that follows the structure of your school curriculum while helping you to think out of the box too. With such a driving force, you are bound to get innovative when you solve problems. An effective platform is one wherein they explain the problem to you and allow you to come up with your own creative ways to solve the question. The teaching process should involve a lot of interactive and visual aids that can clarify the concepts from the roots. Once you have an excellent understanding of the basics of a topic, finding a new and optimised solution to a problem will be very easy.

An excellent source for this purpose is the online educational platform called Cuemath. With the Cuemath online classes, you have a fantastic way to continue with the learning process while devising your study techniques. They provide several practice questions and believe that a student needs to be nudged in the right direction. All students are capable of reaching their destination in their own unique paths. The methods that you employ to complete your journey are entirely dependent on you. This instils creativity in a student's learning style which is a fantastic skill that can be used at any point. If you try to find innovative solutions to complicated problems, then thinking out of the box gets incorporated into your everyday lifestyle and can be a handy skill for your career development.


As a student, you need to incorporate creativity into your life. Copying off the internet or a classmate will not take you very far. Thus, your main aim as a student is to improve your skillset. This is possible to achieve if you try to attempt projects using your own unique approach. Any form of tuition acts as an aid which you use to supplement your school curriculum. You can expect the classical form of school studies to be very mundane and monotonous. Thus, tuitions help to get a break from that routine.

Tutors provide many facts and tricks that can be applied to solve a problem quickly. They help you develop the bandwidth to think about a sum in a creative way. Now a lot of you might pose the question as to how is online tutoring any different than physical tutoring? The answer is simple; if you go for a platform which is mainly online, you save a lot of time. Say you live in a metropolitan city like Mumbai, travelling from one place to another takes a minimum of 40 minutes on a good day. So you are basically exhausting 80 minutes of your life travelling. Instead, if you decide to keep your learning process digital, you can use those 80 minutes to solve more problems or come up with a smarter way to solve an old problem.

Thus, you are not only able to save a lot of time but can develop specific skills needed for a specific need. 



Let's look at an example. A student asks you a question, the answer to which you are either not sure about or do not know. You would usually tell the student that you will get back to them. A lot of tutoring classrooms aren't equipped with smart devices, and hence, you cannot do a quick check at that time. This could halt the student's progress momentarily. A lot of times, it so happens that the teacher and the student forget to follow up on the same later.

Now imagine you are teaching a topic online, and a student poses a doubt. You can immediately do a good quick search and find a reliable source of information to clear the student's doubt. You can also use references in case she wants to know more about the topic. The answer that you give to the student immediately gets ingrained into the student's mind. A student can use this information to relate the concept to her thought process and can come up with a very creative way to solve the problem. Thus, turning to an online tutoring platform can be very beneficial to the teacher as well as students.


The best way to learn any subject is by using visual aids. The best part about using interactive platforms is that students get a more precise idea as to what is happening. Suppose you teach a topic such as surface areas and volumes through a video. In that case, students find it easier to visualise the various computations that are performed on the objects under consideration. If you use an application that allows students to interact with the figure, it is all the more beneficial! They can try to change the parameters and experiment with a wide range of values and observe what happens to the result.

You help students to use their curious minds and encourage them in developing their innovative nature. By using such easy interactive videos and applications, you are not only able to express yourself more eloquently but also able to make sure that the student has clarity in the concepts.


As an online tutor, you can give individual attention to all your students. If you can focus on one student at a time, you will know all his strengths, weaknesses and learning style. It will be easier for you to tailor your teaching method to suit his requirements. Thus, a student will go from being a novice to a master in no time. Once a student has a clear understanding of the concepts, he can start using different methods to implement those concepts for a real-world application.

Once a student's creative feathers get ruffled, the world is their oyster. But before they can take that step, you need to make sure that the student gets enough attention and support to let his imagination run free. 


This article discusses a few advantages of using online tuitions that benefit not only students but also teachers. When you start finding it easy to understand concepts, it becomes immensely pleasurable to find new ways of attempting the same question. That is how a student's creativity develops. When the restraints of a classical school curriculum are removed from the equation, learning becomes a rather interesting process. Students begin to like studying, and teachers begin to like teaching. By choosing an online platform, one can avoid the restrictions that come with a school curriculum. The students' development becomes more holistic while ensuring good grades.

Teachers can find innovative ways to tutor a subject. This inspires students to learn the subject with more visible enthusiasm. Hence, using the help of online tutors is very beneficial for students. As for online tutors, using digital platforms helps to eliminate many restrictions that come with a typical classroom. Hence, let's move together towards a more digital future and say yes to online tutoring.

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