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Why Online Tutoring Is More Effective Than Traditional Tutoring

Online tutoring provides students with an opportunity to study through a virtual platform. The student is studying using a computer and communicates with the instructor through the internet. There are different formats in which Internet teaching may be provided. One option is for the student to log into a platform where they may access the instructions and materials. Another option is for the tutoring websites to send the materials via email.

Online vs. traditional tutoring

One of the major ways in which Internet teaching differs from the traditional methods is that online the instructor and the learner are in different environments. However, there are several online tutoring benefits that you need to know.

It saves commuting time

The traditional studying requires the teacher, student or both to commute to a location where they may hook up for a one on one learning. When it comes to online tutoring services, this is not a factor. No matter the location of the student and teacher, the learning may still go on. All that is required is a PC, smartphone or tablet. This may help to save time for both the instructor and the tutee.

Wide range of tutors

In a classroom environment, a student may feel uncomfortable with an instructor’s teaching method. While this may also happen on the Internet, the good thing is that the learner doesn’t have to stick with one teacher. There is a wide availability of teachers that tutees may choose from. This is definitely one of the pros of online tutoring.

Excellent assistance

In the web-based learning, every teacher has expertise in a particular subject. This is on top of the fact that teachers are held accountable to ensure there is a good academic progress. Learners have access to big and small teachers with a specialty in a particular class and subject. This is why Internet teaching is a great option for tutees.


Nothing beats the convenience that comes with Internet learning. The teachers are available at any time of the day and can work in accordance with the learner’s schedule. Even if you need help in the middle of the night, you can always find a teacher to offer you help. This means children can get access to a website 24/7. You can also complete the assignment at your convenient time. Tutees can also choose the topic they want to learn. For instance, if you need someone to help you with your biology homework, all you need to do is to get in touch with custom writing reviews.

Students become more conversant with technology

One reason why many parents are wary of Internet services is that they are not confident in their children’s ability to use technology. What they do not realize is that this can actually help their children to be more techno-savvy. When taking Internet tuition, children are supposed to share files and websites, use programs such as Skype and collaborate on virtual whiteboards. All this can help to stir their interest in technology and make them more techno-savvy.

Easy access to learning materials

When applying for traditional tuition, children have to remember to carry the relevant books, pens and revision papers. On the other hand, learners find it easier to organize themselves for Internet lessons as they don’t have to remember to carry things that help them to study. Since they are taking the lessons at home, they can easily pick anything they need. This is one of the reasons why online tutoring is effective and has many benefits.

Opportunity to learn from home

This is definitely a big advantage for students as they are learning in a familiar and comfortable environment. If you have a shy child, this can be quite helpful as they don’t have to mind about the instructor invading their personal space for the lessons. Learning from home enables the students to plug-in for the lessons relaxed. This helps to put them in a good frame of mind which is suitable for learning.


It is clear that there are many benefits of Internet teaching as compared to the traditional methods. You do not have to go looking for the traditional teacher while you may get one on the Internet.

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