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Online Education Trends are Increasing
During Pandemic

Online Education

Online Education in Covid-19 Pandemic

While the world was caught off-guard when the covid-19 pandemic hit, the Education sector did its best to survive through online tools and resources to keep things moving. It is not an exaggeration when we say that a lot of corporations and companies were shut down or went into bankruptcy as they couldn’t survive the lockdowns.

Just like all the industries, the education industry took a massive hit too but since this affected the youth population of countries, the government, schools, and parents came up with an online system with which students could continue their education. Resources popped up in places like this source here to help parents and students alike work out how to make the most of their online learning during uncertain times.

Yes, for a couple of months, even schools were shut-down completely and kids graduated to new classes without any exams. Ironically, lucky for a lot of kids. However, grade school was opened in phases, where classes were partially taken online and physical classes the other days.

Each school came up with its system to continue education and it massively dependent on online tools and resources. It is 2021, but still,the majority of the education sector is dependent on the online system.

Not only did schools and colleges had to switch to online means for education, but we also saw a massive rise in offering extra courses line online Quran academy and other religious classes, or teach classes, etc.

In this article, we outline a few online education trends that are being used during the pandemic.

Education Trends during Pandemic are:

1. Online Courses

Physical classes meant a different course structure for students but once when things went online, that meant that teachers had to change their course structures to be compatible with online tools and resources as well.

The college now is more likely to offer online courses to their student and for their new admissions as well. One benefit of it is to see a rise in enrollments because online courses can be taken from any part of the world. Since no geographical boundaries are stopping the students from taking admissions in the universities and colleges they want, the number of enrolled students is more likely to increase.

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2. Open Educational Resources

There are a lot of educational resources that are uploaded on the internet with free access to the public. The pandemic made a lot of schools offer their resources online for free and it seems like the trend is going to continue itself.

These free educational tools and resources that you see online are called, ‘Open Educational Resources’. Examples of these resources include textbooks, educational videos, etc. A lot of colleges in this pandemic offered these resources to their students.

The reason that this trend became popular is that first of all it is free and second it only enables quality education to those who didn’t have a resource to have access to such material otherwise.

3. Virtual Reality

There are a lot of courses that can be easily taught online like English courses or history, on the other hand, it's difficult to teach biology or chemistry to your student using online lectures. This is where virtual reality tools and resources can be used to make that particular course compatible with online means.

Many programs such as nursing, science, and medical programs have been benefitting from interactive videos and online skill demonstrations.

The thing about virtual reality is that it makes online learning a bit interesting and interactive. Otherwise, sitting in front of a screen can become boring and students are more likely to lose their attention. However, with the virtual reality tools and resources, interactive video sessions learning can become interesting for students and they are more likely to grab the concepts compared to traditional online tools.

4. Blended Learning – Online and Physical Classes

The pandemic has changed the dynamics of the education industry. While online learning is not completely successful for all students, it is still working well for those who have the resources to all the online learning material.

The pandemic has made people realize that education doesn’t have to be expensive and inconvenient, it can be affordable and yet quality-driven education if one opts for online education. However, the key is to have the perfect blend of online and physical education.

5. Certificates, Badges, and Micro credentials

A lot of companies and colleges offered small online courses and training sessions to the individual, after completion of which they were given a certificate of completion, some badges or micro-credentials.

These elements are nothing less than a degree. Companies like Microsoft and Google also offered such programs and certifications during the pandemic. The key was to keep the youth and employees busy by keeping them productive.

In the end, all these certifications can only benefit an individual's career and be added as an extra certification on their CV.

6. Online BootCamps

Bootcamps are short online crash courses that are given to students or individuals who are interested in learning about a particular topic. While these bootcamps existed before the pandemic as well, but only saw a rise in student enrollment during the pandemic.

This is why, it is more likely, now that people have awareness of this online certification, the trend is going to continue and thrive in the coming year. Mainly, because students are looking for credentials to add to their CVs that can give them a competitive edge in the corporate and real world.

7. Online Learning will be the first choice

The pandemic has made students realize that they can save a lot of their time with online learning. This extra time, that students save through commute and class breaks etc, can be productively used to do odd jobs or extra learning and courses or freelance for a few hours and earn a few extra bucks.

Last year we also saw a rise of online learning in religious education like opening up an online Quran academy or Sunday schools were giving classes online as well. Online learning became the first convenient choice for not only students but also educators and employers.

Even though we are still stuck in a pandemic, but online education has now become a normal part of the education industry.

Arslan Haider

Author Bio:

Arslan Haider is author of the above blog. He has done his Bachelor in Computer Science from University of Wah. He is a professional Guest Blogger and loves to rank keywords like “Online Quran Academy” in the top search engine results.

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