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6 Unusual Ways to Deal with Fatigue
and Stay Happy in College

Neighthan White

By Neighthan White

It sucks to be tired. It interferes with everything. You won’t be able to concentrate, study or get the work done that you need to. What’s more, when you’re really tired it becomes, ironically enough harder to sleep! Now if that isn’t bad, I don’t know what is.

Fortunately, you can beat tiredness. All you need to do is change your routine somewhat and get certain habits under control, and you’ll be doing much better in no time! What habits am I talking about? Read on!

Eat healthy

The first step to fight fatigue is to eat healthy. This has far more impact on how rested you feel then you might realize. What shouldn’t you eat? Well, basically everything that you shouldn’t eat for your body, you shouldn’t eat for your fatigue either.

So, I’m talking about sugar, white flour, junk food and anything like that. These foods will satisfy a craving and give you a quick energy boost, but as their energy releases far too quickly your energy levels afterwards fall off a cliff, which will leave you more tired than when you started.

Instead, eat whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Get omega-3 fatty acids. Eat a hardboiled egg. Oatmeal will also help. You know, that kind of food.

Also, if you find that you get tired early in the day, then go back to the beginning of the day, when you fill up your ‘day tank’ as it were. Do you eat a healthy breakfast or do you just go for a cup of coffee and a doughnut (if that)? If you’re going to former route, well then it’s not that surprising that you’re tired!

Healthy snacks

A lot of us only eat really big meals a few times a day. That’s not actually the best way to go about it, as overfilling yourself with food makes your body take energy from your brain and apply it to digestion instead. That’s why you often feel tired after a big meal.

Of course, you don’t want to pig out on chips and chocolate, either, as that gives you all the same problems that I outlined above. So, in the morning, make some healthy snacks! That means apples, bananas, water in the fridge and nuts that you can snack on.

Just having those ready and close at hand will make it far more likely that you’ll pick those instead of getting ice cream or anything like that. In that way you’ll manage your energy levels and keep yourself at peak performance.

Note that granola bars are not healthy snacks. That’s a public misconception.


It doesn’t have to be intense exercise. After all, you don’t really have any energy to begin with! Still, a little bit of exercise will certainly help! Start walking. Go for a short run. Swim a few laps. Start exercising a little bit every day (it only needs to be 10 to 15 minutes to start with) and your body will get a big boost.

From there, your fatigue should start to fade and you can up your exercise till you’re living a healthy and well-rested life! That doesn’t sound so hard, does it?

Give yourself short breaks

We have this ideas from the movies and from books that we should study without break or pause, right until we’re done. That might be great for fictional characters, but it doesn’t work at all well for people.

Don’t use that time to stare at computer screen, either. That won’t rest you! Instead, get up, get out of the house, take a walk, or take a short nap (if you’re one of those people who can do that, you lucky bastard).

15 minutes an hour will do wonders for our productivity and our long-term work potential.

Turn off the distractions

Okay, it won’t actually help you fight exhaustion, but as it will mean that you end up spending far less time actually sitting down to work, it comes down to the same thing. We’re terrible at multitasking. In fact, some studies even suggest that it kills brain cells. What’s more, it wears us out, destroys our productivity and generally makes it harder for us to concentrate.

So learn to single task as best you can. When you’re not very good at single-tasking yet, use software to block out the best websites like social media and Netflix. If you’re using Chrome, a good piece of software to use is Stayfocused.

This will allow you to block that kind of software for a couple of hours a day, thereby allowing it to be a part of your life without letting it interrupt you when you’re trying to get some work done.

Get a good night’s sleep

And finally, get some sleep! A lot of us think that we can survive off less sleep than we actually can. Only a small percentage of us can live off 5 hours of sleep. The rest of us need somewhere between 8 to 9 hours a night to function.

If we’re not getting that, then of course we’re going to feel tired! And as that ultimately damages our productivity far more than getting that sleep does that’s just not worth it.

So, sleep well. Ultimately you’ll end up feeling better for it during the day and having better moods to boot!

Last words

You don’t have to feel tired. There are things you can do to make yourself feel better. So don’t let yourself get fatigued by the end of the day. Instead, take action! Just following a few of the strategies outline here will give you energy to study and live your life as well.

In that way, you’ll not just get better grades and finish the university at the top of your class, you’ll be happy and healthy to boot. Who can argue against something like that as the right way to live?

Don’t sacrifice your sleep and your health at the shrine of success, because there is no such thing as success if you’re feeling exhausted and your body is falling apart.

Neighthan White is a writer and an undergraduate specialist in education sciences. In his late twenties, he is a regular member of Montessori techniques for children under 10 seminars, a blog editor at, a volunteer at Education without Borders and LDS, a startup inventor, a language learner, a writer and a happy husband.
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