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10 Best Free Monitoring Apps
to Safeguard Your Child

Monitoring App

In an ideal world, the Internet would be a safe place for children. Unfortunately, that is not always possible, and as a busy adult, you may not always be able to spend the time to be present while your children are online. Kids can get into all kinds of trouble with their mobile phones (or tablets), either on purpose or by accident. Maybe they spend too much time staring at a screen every day or using age-inappropriate websites and apps. In any case, an excellent parental control app can help you regain control and keep an eye out for anything that could harm them. A free monitoring app can help by allowing you to either block access to specific sites with potentially harmful content or only allow access to sites you deem appropriate. This tool can help safeguard your child.

The best free monitoring app will look after your children when you are unavailable, whether they are researching a school project, communicating with friends, or simply enjoying all that the Internet has to offer.

What are the 10 best free monitoring apps to safeguard your child?

1. Qustodio 

Qustodio is a comprehensive set of parental control tools to safe your child. Most monitoring software are designed for Windows users, but Qustodio is also available for Mac, Android, iOS, Kindle, and Nook.

The free version is one of the most comprehensive free monitoring app on the market, allowing you to set rules and time schedules and block pornography and other inappropriate content. Qustodio is the best free monitoring app due to its plethora of features and support for a wide range of platforms.

2. FamilyShield 

FamilyShield is a free monitoring app to safe your child. Its parental control tools automatically block domains flagged by OpenDNS as "tasteless, proxy/anonymizer, sexuality, or pornography."

One of the significant benefits of FamilyShield is that it can also get applied to your network router and running on PCs and mobile devices. It can also filter all traffic that passes through it – all you have to do is change the DNS server numbers in your control panel.

A premium service is also available for those who want more options.

3. KidLogger 

Nothing escapes KidLogger's notice. This free parental control app not only monitors what your children type and which websites they visit, but it also records which programs they use, and any screen captures they take.

If you're worried about who your children are communicating with online, there's even a voice-activated sound recorder. If your children are a bit older and more responsible, you can choose which options to monitor and which to leave alone. 

The free monitoring app only covers one device. It lacks some of the sneakier features of the premium editions. However, it's still a valuable tool if you're worried about your children's safety.

4. Keylogger

Spyrix Free Keylogger allows you to monitor your children's activities. Although it's marketed as parental control software, the free version of Spyrix is more of a monitoring app; it doesn't stop kids from misbehaving, but it does show you exactly what they've done. 

Spyrix may not be the best choice for younger children's monitoring due to the lack of filtering. Still, it may be helpful for older children if you suspect online bullying or other unpleasantness.

5. Kaspersky Safe Kids 

Kaspersky Safe Kids is a monitoring app available in free and paid versions for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

The free edition includes a blacklist that prevents your children from viewing inappropriate online content, as well as app controls that allow you to manage app use by time, age restrictions, and category. There's also a screen time management tool to help you keep track of how much time you spend on your devices.

The paid version includes more mobile-specific features, such as a battery tracker that alerts you if your child's phone is about to go dead, leaving them unable to contact you. You can also use GPS tracking to keep an eye on their location, manage their social media use, and receive real-time alerts if they visit websites they shouldn't or leave a pre-defined safe area.

6. MamaBear

This app has many useful features, such as social media monitoring, location tracking and alerts, and much more. It gets referred to as an all-in-one worry-free app. One of the most valuable features is social media monitoring. You can use MamaBear to track Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook activity to see when people add new tags, check-ins, or upload photos. By creating a restricted words list, you can also be alerted when inappropriate language or signs of bullying get posted to their profiles. You can also receive notifications when your teen exceeds a speed limit you set. There are several plan options to choose from, including a free version.

7. Bark

Bark scans text messages, YouTube, emails, and 24 different social networks for potential safety issues, allowing parents to save time and gain peace of mind. Thanks to algorithms that constantly analyze words appearing on your child's phone, it can even proactively alert you to issues such as sexting, cyberbullying, and depression. However, in addition to alerting parents, Bark also provides recommended actions to deal with it.

8. Cell Tracker

Cell Tracker is an excellent choice for parents looking for an Android monitoring app. The app is also completely free and includes all of the features you'll need to keep an eye on your children. Cell Tracker's best feature is its ability to run in the background of a target device. As a result, parents can monitor devices without fear of being discovered by their children. The app allows you to do many things, such as view call logs and text message history, among other things.

9. SpyHuman 

SpyHuman is a monitoring app designed for people who want to keep track of multiple devices. SpyHuman is not only compatible with Android devices, but it is also compatible with PCs. Compatibility across devices is ideal for parents who must remain seated at their desks for extended periods. Even when they are at work, they can monitor their children's online activities.

10. mSpy 

mSpy is a powerful Android monitoring app. The app differs from others in that its main feature is listening in on phone calls. Listening in on calls comes with additional features such as browser history access, call logging, and message viewing. Other features not found in the other monitoring apps include email interception.


With the increase in mobile app development services, every parent has the right to monitor their children's online activities. They are responsible for keeping their children safe and preventing them from making mistakes. With that in mind, we've compiled a comprehensive list of monitoring apps that can assist you as a parent in monitoring online activities.

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