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Money is Not Holding You Back from Education
- Maybe it’s You

In 2020, the demand for coding developers hit 22%; demand for data analysts hit 28%; and demand for marketing professionals hit 6%. These are the top three fields of study that are often self-taught. 

Eighty-one percent of Americans believe that the education system is shifting to autodidacticism. An autodidact is a person who is either partially or completely self-taught, and there are many examples of high success from this kind of person. In fact, Frederick Douglas (American abolitionist and speaker), Melanie Klein (founder of children’s psychology), and Nazir Naji (Pakistani Journalist and writer for the Prime Minister), are all examples of successful autodidacts. 

Some of the most popular reasons for self-education are retraining for work, upskilling, and boosting soft skills. 

In today’s world of free and wide-spread information, it’s easy to gain the knowledge we’re lacking in any particular area of study. Even universities, such as Berkley, offer free online courses, and there are many educational sites that do the same. 

Getting a college degree was once the normal standard, but as the price tag for degrees continues to climb, so does access to free education. Today, the only thing keeping you from furthering your education is you...

Money Holding You Back

Source: CollegeCliffs

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