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Mindset Shifts That Can Change
Your Perspective of Life

If you came across this article, the likelihood is you know what mindfulness is. For those unfamiliar, this is defined somewhat differently depending on who you ask but in general reflects this: Mindfulness is paying attention in an open a non-judgmental way to the present moment. The thing you begin to notice after practising this behavioural pattern is that it’s more than just a practice-it’s a way of life. This practice represents a very effective approach to life’s major challenges as a whole.


Your mindset plays an important part in how you see yourself and the world around you. With so many thoughts and mixed emotions buzzing in your head every day, you eventually face with yourself and your wellbeing more than anyone else does.

The mind stores and keeps our emotions, judgements and worries. Many of us are not fully aware that our own thoughts can be holding us back from reaching our full potential. Because the mind is such a powerful place and our environment dynamic, stressful and evolving, it’s important to adapt and grow your ways of thinking. We have to work continuously on shifting our mindset to embrace new perspectives if we want to become more acceptive and in line with our goals and emotions.

In no particular order, here are few tips and guidance on how to improve your way of thinking and coping mechanism in a positive way. Keep in mind that we can’t always be at our best. Sure, there are times when you can do none of the following and be at your lowest, but with the help of these mindset shifts, you can easily pick yourself up from a bad situation and turn it around.

Focus on your strengths over your weaknesses

We all have our weak points and things that make us question our qualities. Many of us don’t share their emotions and opinions even with those that are closest to us. Some use sarcasm and humour to disguise their feelings. However, it has been shown that it’s much more productive and beneficial to truly focus on levelling up your strengths than trying to hide and mask your weaknesses. For example, you might be lazy but work really hard on the things that you’re interested and passionate about. You’re aware that you might seem distant and cold, but you know that you’re loyal and caring to those that are close to you. Once you realise that you can focus your energy on taking your strengths to the next level and make your flaws work for you, the relationship with yourself will become a lot better.

Improve your physical and mental energy

This is probably one of the most important efforts of all because your physical and mental state is the fuel of your body. Why? Because if your energy level is low, you’ll find it very difficult to stay awake, be mindful through your everyday life or do much of anything effectively and productively. This involves a lot of different things- from getting enough sleep to exercising and doing things you love to do. It’s really about taking care of your needs and start practising emotions that will move you forward. Start with love and passion for life and you’re on the right track. Practice 2-3 daily rituals – drinking your hot coffee in the morning all by yourself with no rush or playing your favourite game in free time. Online games today are so diverse in themes and design you might find yourself surprised. For example, this Starburst slot game is considered as one of the favourites of its kind because of the futuristic, cosmic but at the same time retro vibe. Try to discover how you create stressful times so that you can stop creating or dramatically reduce them.

Improve your relationships by becoming present and clear

Every day we are surrounded by people in one way or another. We are built to communicate, and the quality of the relationships that are built and developed as a result of that communication is vitally important to our wellbeing. Mindful communication and applying mindfulness to our relationships is a complicated effort, but it can be easily summarized in four steps: be present, be clear, be loving and be compassionate. No matter the relationship, these 4 principles are the basics of healthy communication. Pay attention to your close relations. By doing so, we learn what patterns and attitude we hold within us. This way we can discover hidden judgements towards certain people and our general disposition in life.

Hopefully, you feel more empowered to change any negative thought you may have fallen into. It’s not possible to be positive and optimistic all the time, but always know that only you have the power to make big changes in your life.

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