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5 Masters Scholarships in Australia
for International Students

Australia not only seeks to increase and raise educational levels, but to strengthen its ties with friendly countries. The extraordinary thing about this initiative is that scholarships in Australia for students are not limited to the undergraduate, you will also find scholarships for MBA or PhD! In this article, let’s learn several Masters scholarships in Australia for international students.

Top 5 Masters Scholarships in Australia

1. Australian Research Council

It is administered by the National Competitiveness Scholarship Program, which translates into full or partial support for research of the highest scientific quality.

If you are looking for Masters Scholarships in Australia that focus on training researchers and promoting their projects, this is the right scholarship for your interests!

The main advantage of this research program is the modality of three categories of scholarships. The first is for postdoctoral research, whose applicants must have less than three years of experience in the field.

The second is for applicants who have already submitted their postdoctoral thesis and who have more than three years of experience, but do not reach eight.

And the last, called Queen Elizabeth II, corresponds to applicants who already have a post-doctorate and a high-profile academic record, with more than eight years of experience.

2. Destination Australia Scholarships

One of the great novelties in scholarships to study in Australia in 2020 is the closing of the Endeavor scholarship. It was one of the most popular scholarships in Australia for national and international students. This program covered the full cost of the studies. The scholarships were awarded not only to the best Master's or PhD students, but also to professionals.

In August 2019, the Australian government decided to suspend future calls for Endeavor scholarships.

They have already announced a new scholarship system called Destination Australia.

The scholarships Destination Australia are structured with a fairly similar system: competitive grants will be based on academic merit at various levels, from undergraduate, master’s and doctoral degrees.

The objective of this program is to train the foreign student and improve their global awareness through research and innovation. In this way, students can in the future contribute to positioning Australia as a provider of the highest education and making it a world leader in research.

However there are several important differences that make them less interesting as an option. First, these Destination scholarships are not comprehensive. They cover tuition and give a fixed amount of AUD $ 15,000 to each student. With this amount you have to pay for access to the health system, travel insurance, accommodation and other necessary aspects to make your experience as complete and pleasant as possible.

Unlike Endeavor scholarships, the list of universities where you can study is more limited. They are also universities in less populated areas of Australia. Therefore, most of the big universities like The University of Melbourne, The University of Sydney or Monash University are not included.

The government has not announced the date of the call either. It is expected for the month of August 2020. However, with the delays in the implementation of the scholarship program, it cannot be predicted. When the new call opens, we will send a notification through the My Scholarship app.

3. ASI Scholarships - Adelaide Scholarships International

If you want to pursue Masters and PhD studies, Australia Awards was one of the scholarships in Australia for students that was very important. However, the current Australian government decided in 2019 to limit access to these scholarships, and they are only available to students from some countries. As an alternative to the Australia Awards, there are scholarships from The University of Adelaide: the ASI scholarships or Adelaide Scholars International scholarships. The ASI program has been created to attract high-quality graduate students from abroad to research areas to support their research efforts.

Scholarship benefits include full coverage of tuition costs, an annual allowance of $27,082 for living costs, and medical insurance.

All scholarships are awarded for 2 years for the master's degree and for 3 years for the research doctorate.

You can apply for this scholarship throughout the year; There are 3 deadlines depending on the start of studies: February 15, April 30 and July 10.

The objective of this scholarship is to support candidates in research. It is not for more practical or professional masters. In the ideal scenario, you start a Master by Research, and then continue with a doctorate at the University.

This scholarship also includes the advantages that all students receive at the university, such as reductions in food, books, cultural events, transportation, etc.

All the information you will need can be found on the University of Adelaide scholarships page.

4. Vice Chancellor International of Macquarie University

Macquarie University is one of the most prestigious and highly regarded universities in Australia. It excels in the areas of business knowledge, MBA, finance, biotechnology, marketing, IT, and environmental studies.

With more than forty years of experience, Macquarie will make you feel at home, as it has more than eight thousand international students. The best thing about its program is that it does not only offer one type of scholarship. Thanks to its agreements with various countries and organizations, there are scholarships for Latinos.

If you want to be one of the lucky ones to have any of the scholarships in Australia for students, Macquarie will offer you more than four types of scholarships for you to choose from!

And among them, the Vice Chancellor International Scholarships stands out, which covers about AU $ 10,000 and corresponds to master's studies. To opt for this program you must be a student with a high academic profile.

Its biggest advantage is that no matter what master's degree you want to pursue, if you have more than 8.5 in your degree and are accepted by a university in Australia, you will be able to obtain it!

5. Macquarie University in Agreement with FIDERH

Macquarie University in agreement with FIDERH (Bank of Mexico) is a program of six scholarships that only covers 20% of the master's degree. As an added advantage, by obtaining it you can have a credit from the FIDERH foundation.

It is one of the scholarships in Australia for students that is partial, that is, it only covers part of the cost of tuition. But don't be discouraged! The FIDERH foundation will grant you a credit of up to $ 20,000. With this credit you can pay for your studies and pay off the debt in comfortable installments.

It has two disadvantages, the first is that it applies to all master's degrees except for MBAs . In order to compete for this scholarship, you must also have passed the English exam. The second is that it is only for Mexican citizens.

If you want one of the scholarships in Australia for students and you are willing to accept a credit from FIDERH, this may be the scholarship you have been looking for!

All you have to do is click on the Macquarie University Scholarships page and start fulfilling what you've always dreamed of.

For most people, a master study in Australia is unaffordable. Fortunately, there are many Masters scholarships in Australia for international students, such as those at Boom & Bucket. These scholarships will greatly reduce the financial burden of international students.

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