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Livebeam: How to Learn Languages Online

Livebeam team members know that it might be hard to learn a new language. Usually, the hardest thing to practice is speaking (if you don’t live among natives, of course). This article will guide you through some of the best resources and services to learn a new language online.

Choose media content in the native language

One of the best things to do if you want to learn a new language is to add it to your everyday life through music, movies, articles, videos on YouTube, Livebeam streams, etc. Everyone can find something enjoyable here.

While reading articles in news resources might seem a backbreaking task, you can start with watching movies, streams, videos, and so on. It will help you get used to the sound of the new language and learn some phrases to use in real life right away. We suggest you start with cartoons or some simple movies. You can always turn on some captions in any language of your choice to make it easier to understand.

Find a speaking buddy

If you already have learned some vocabulary and grammar, you will want to try talking to a native to test your skills. There are people from all over the world on Livebeam, so you will always find someone to talk to in a language of your choice. Sometimes people do a linguistic exchange. Let us explain it to you.

Imagine a situation. We have two people that want to learn a new language. Maria is from Russia, she wants to learn English, and Emma is from the USA, she wants to learn Russian. They can help each other by practicing both languages while chatting on Livebeam. For example, they will switch languages every two days - for the first two days, they speak English, for the next two days they speak Russian, then back to English and so on.

If you wonder where to find such a buddy, the answer is social media and specialized networks. Some apps and websites connect people from different countries who desire to learn new languages. Social media works perfectly as well. Use hashtags or groups of interest to find the person who is a perfect fit for you.

Read books, listen to audiobooks and podcasts

When learning a new language, it is important to apply your knowledge to real life right away. Learn new vocabulary from books on various topics. Practice and test your listening skills with podcasts and audiobooks. By the way, they will help you to get used to the new language as well.

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