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Do You Want to Be a Musk - Learn Like Elon!

By David Diaz

Elon Musk is well-known for a variety of things. Whether you know the name because of his discussions of going to Mars, because he's built the Tesla brand, or because he has recently launched his car into space, you likely know him. But did you know that he has another way of looking at education and on the issue regarding how writing can improve your life? The Elon Musk education plan is different from anything you've likely heard about. It's a huge change, but the one that you'll want to try yourself.

A Different Kind of School

The way that Elon Musk felt about education changed when he pulled his own kids from a prestigious school to start his own. This school focuses more on direct and personalized education, instead of a one-size-fits-all learning experience. There's no need to scour to find essays on “hidden intellectualism market commonality” here! At this school, Elon Musk children, as well as those enrolled, are being taught using morals, natural curiosity, and science. The focus isn't on the tests and grades (the latter of which this school doesn't use), but on the actual learning.

“The Why of Things”

Perhaps the most relevant point of this school when it comes to writing is Elon Musk's idea of “the why of things”. Our brains, he explains, are hardwired to seek out answers for why we're learning something. If no answers are provided, the brain will frequently decide that it isn't useful information, and simply throw it out. If your brain is wondering why writing is important and doesn't receive an answer, it simply won't retain the skill. This change, in particular, is something that is helpful to be aware of when you're working on something intellectual yourself.

Applied to Writing

Taking this idea of “the why of things” and applying it to writing might sound confusing at first. To break out of that, ask yourself some questions. What are the reasons why writing is important in life? What is the importance of writing skills? Whether or not you can write will likely matter, both during your educational years and while you're working. No matter what your profession is, writing talent will take you far. Below, we'll discuss the three areas it will affect: Your schooling, career, and life in general.

How It Impacts Your Schooling

Schools obviously have numerous writing assignments. Whether it’s an essay, a thesis, or just a short answer question, you're going to need the writing skills to back them up. With Elon's idea, you can look at the why. Why are you having to do this? The answer will depend on what you're doing and at what level. But answering that question will boost your brain's ability to understand, which in turn will develop your writing skills. Moreover, since you are likely to get grades (unlike Elon Musk's lucky kids), you'll get better ones.

How It Impacts Your Career

Practically every career will require writing at one point or another. Even if you plan to join a profession as far from a desk as possible, you'll need a good resume or cover letter to get hired. Writing makes it easy to do!

How It Impacts Your Life

People look at you differently when you know how to write. You can communicate more effectively. Whether you're trying to organize a yard sale, typing up a church pamphlet, or simply writing a note for someone, knowing the best way to communicate helps.

Elon Musk is a visionary. He transformed the future of electric cars. He's changed the way we view science, and now the way we consider education. Writing is a crucial and beneficial skill that even Musk values very highly.

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