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5 Leading Types of Teaching Methods and Their Advantages & Disadvantages

Leading Teaching Methods

In this era of the digital world, students are in a race to prove themselves as the best. All the educational institutions need to take a competitive advantage and stand out among others. Technology plays a huge role in making education easy and interesting for every level of the student. With the latest technological innovation, the educational system is revolutionizing its process and teaching models from complex to easy. By utilizing the innovative educational system, students can perform at the maximum limit. Therefore in this post, we are going to discuss different types of teaching methods and their advantages and disadvantages. Have a look below to educate your kids through the most effective method of education.

Online Teaching Method

The education system has switched over to mobile applications which drastically change student’s traditional learning process and outcomes. The online education system has bloomed as the new e-learning process is being introduced now and students are using all the advanced techniques to boost their knowledge. Every level of the institution is gaining many benefits from online education such as effective learning, real-time teacher support, enhanced visibility, and easy communication.

For example, Grand Canyon University offers different courses like nursing, doctoral studies, social sciences, humanities, fine arts, and more. There are thousands of faculty and employees working in GCU with nearly 20,000 students using the Student Portal -

Core educational activities are improved with the use of next-level technologies i.e. mobile applications, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Virtual & Augmented Reality tech tools. In this way, you are going to learn new lessons more smartly and interestingly by benefiting from the online education system.


  1. From enhanced educational content to quick management of resources, there are numerous benefits of using the web and mobile applications for online learning.
  2. These educational institutions are depending greatly on the online system due to nonstop collaboration between students and teachers over Smartphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop.
  3. The online education system has taken over the traditional system allowing the students to focus on the subject.


  1. Education institutions are investing a huge amount of money in developing online classes that meet the needs of their students and teachers.
  2. Online education is tough to adopt for many teachers and students.


As the title suggests, teachers are the primary decision-maker in this method of teaching. Teacher centered education system has made it easier for students to enhance their knowledge related to their specific subject easily and securely. Teachers are also benefited as they can share their personal experience, assigned work, and schedule classes on their own. In this method of teaching students now don’t have to struggle with the long process as the whole classroom has been converted teacher-centered. The collection of data and feedback for several different subjects is also easy with the help of the teacher-centered method. Real-time information can be delivered to the students and they may remain connected with the teachers.


  1. Teachers centered provide an opportunity to teachers to teach in a personalized manner.
  2. Appropriate distribution of information to create the best learning environment.


  1. Limited resources.
  2. Students are dependent on teachers.


The growth in the student center education system has opened the doors for new learning opportunities benefiting students of all stages. Education institutions have introduced various students centered education services using the latest and advanced technologies. This system is equally divided into two broad types that are focused on both the teacher and learner. The students centered teaching models are used by the schools mainly for internal use that is accessible to an organization within a secure environment. The student portal is accessible by the students who are compatible across different devices. This educational system allows easy learning and helps students in decision-making processes through inside knowledge.


  1. Student need to follow the step by step learning processes.
  2. Better engagement of students in the classroom activities.


  1. Special training process required for teachers.
  2. Some students face difficulty while learning new chapters.

High Tech

Educational institutions are among the most emerging sectors that are developing high tech educational system for their traditional processes. Modern technologies are helping teachers and students to reach their desired goals and acquire more knowledge by availing all advantages of smart features. Students can now learn new chapters easily with the help of apps. Push notifications have allowed the teachers to keep their students informed about the new assignment, exam dates, and a lot more things. High technologies encourage students to easily get connected with the classroom 24x7 by providing a highly interactive experience.


  1. Students and teachers can use the best solutions with the advanced capabilities of high technology processes.
  2. Keep up with the latest technology.


  1. Teachers and students face disturbance.
  2. Expensive method.

Low Tech

In the last decade, the education sector focused on innovations by using low tech for their daily class activities. The low tech solutions have reduced the time of processes with the increase in convenience and comfort performing educational activities. Low tech educational system is focused on providing enhanced engagement and easy user experience while involving physical interactions between student and teacher. Low tech has been introduced into the traditional classroom for a custom and faster learning process with improved management like Emotional Support Animal Letter Online. Many institutions are switching over to low tech teaching methods to facilitate student with smart features.


  1. Develop a fully functional learning environment for students.
  2. The teacher introduces tech through which various means can be performed.


  1. Lack of resources.
  2. Not Reliable.


In the end, it could be stated now that the teaching methods shared in the above passages are best for teachers and students who want to utilize the best resources for learning. By reading the information we can conclude that modern ways of education allow students and teachers to create an effective learning process with powerful technologies. Furthermore, the online teaching method is the best solution to learn while staying safe at home in the light of covid-19. Whether you want to enhance your knowledge or you want to learn in flexible time, there are numerous benefits of modern education students which you can leverage with ease. Along with endless benefits of the education system, there are drawbacks as well that you will need to consider for choosing the best one.

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