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6 Websites to Keep Bookmarked During Studying

When it comes to studying, it’s better to have a lot of resources at your disposal. Being smart about studying will help make the process easier for you. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of great websites you can use for study references, focus, and motivation to get you through your study period. You can bookmark these sites and other pages so you access them whenever you want. You can even import bookmarks across diffferent browsers using bookmark app.

Dedication is the key to a successful college run as laid out by and other websites. And some additional assistance like the one you can find on Studyfy Reddit can help you avoid the consequences of severe burnout. That’s why you should always be sure to make use of all the resources at your disposal.

If you just want to get on with the list, then here it is, in no particular order:


JSTOR is a great website to keep in your bookmarks while you’re studying. It’s a digital library that contains books, scientific research journals, and journals in the humanities and social sciences. It’s a genuinely handy and helpful website to check out, especially if students are in the midst of writing an academic paper – the resources on the website have been peer-reviewed by other experts, so you can be sure that the majority of the content has academic credibility.

Users will need a subscription to use some of the content on this website, but there is a lot of content that is available for the public and completely free of charge. Additionally, JSTOR lets you cite the journal you plan on referencing, and even download its PDF.

2. Grammarly

Another website that deserves a spot in your bookmarks is Grammarly. The Grammarly website offers a cloud-based assistant that checks your writing’s coherence, delivery, grammar, punctuation, and spelling for free. It offers a plagiarism-check feature along with other bonus features if you pay for the premium version.

Overall, Grammarly offers a free and quality service that most definitely will come in handy during anyone’s studying period. It’s quick and easy to use as well, so you’ll definitely save yourself more time than if you proofread your own work, or wait for someone else to do it.

3. Youtube

Surprised to see Youtube on this list? While it’s definitely not an official learning-centered platform, Youtube offers countless educational videos – you just need to know where to look, and you also need to know how to check the credibility of your sources after. Youtube definitely has the potential to be a very lucrative source of free knowledge.

Another constructive way of using Youtube for studying is to stream countless music playlists that can help you focus while you’re studying – nature sounds, binaural beats, or Lo-fi. It all depends on what works for you.

 4. Medium

Medium should be in your bookmarks for the sole reason of being a great platform to get motivation, inspiration, and innovative ideas from. Writers of all levels, from professionals to amateurs, publish articles on Medium on almost any topic you can think of. There are a lot of articles on self-development and improvement, so you’re bound to find helpful ones about studying as well. 

On a study break? You can indulge yourself by reading an article that will motivate or inspire you since Medium is full of interesting life-hacks. It’s definitely a good platform to use if you want to freshen up your perspective on things.

5. edX

While edX courses are not for free and need to be paid for, the quality of the courses on this platform is top-notch, since edX itself has been created by Harvard and MIT. It’s definitely worth looking into for those who want to learn a topic extensively. If you manage to complete one of their courses, you get a certification at the end of it. edX certifications are well-regarded and can help boost your work resume in the future.

Why should you have edX in your bookmarks? It is a high-quality platform with an expansive library of courses. There are more than 3000 courses on it, with over 6000 qualified instructors. Best of all, you can learn and do everything online, with the click of your mouse. 

6. Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a web search engine by Google that lets you search up peer-reviewed academic journals, books, conference papers, theses, technical reports, and so on. It’s similar to JSTOR in a sense, but it has an even bigger library. It would be smart to keep this one in your bookmarks, just for the sheer volume of accessible papers Google Scholar has in its database. 

We advise you to look up online the best and most efficient ways on how to use this web-search engine since using Google Scholar for the first time can be a bit harrowing. Learning how to use it properly will definitely save you time on your research.

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