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Top 10 Interesting Literary Works About Students

Sometimes it is rather difficult to find a book to read. We buy them, take them from libraries, search for an electronic version, but we still have to answer a reader’s principal question: why do I want to read the book I’ve chosen? There are a lot of fans of fiction literature because it is considered to be relaxing and, to some extent, teachable. Furthermore, students are the ones who constitute the lion’s share of so-called bookworms. Nevertheless, there are also several literary works about the lives of the category of population, which seek adventures, ways to pass the exam, and career opportunities. Surely, we are talking about the above-mentioned students. Want to know more about the delicacies of students and their college stories? Move forward to find our top 10 fictions about them!

10. Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses

The novel focuses on the story of two teachers: one is from the US, and the other one is from Great Britain. Both achieved mutual agreement on conducting and exchange regarding their places of work. Their changes in social views, values, and views on the educational systems of the countries they shifted to are the fundamental object of the work. It also perfectly describes the features of student life in the 1960-s.

9. The Class

This novel is claimed to be the praiseful ode to Harvard University. Written in 1985 by not famous for the time Erich Wolf Segal, The Class describes the story of people with absolutely different career paths. The book has a spirit of nostalgia for good old times of studentship, which they call “the best period of their lives”.

8. Roomies

What a bunch of emotions this work may give you! The story is about two girls, who found they would be roommates after the summer holidays ended. However, even though they have a friendly email chat, they both struggle to “leave” their childhood completely and start a new college life (or at least begin to adapt to it). Moreover, a conflict of views is also presented, which gives the main characters lots of anxious feelings about their new stage of life.

7. Save Me

Mona Kasten has written an extraordinary, but at the same time a typical novel about how our fundamental priorities might change if we meet an exact person at the exact time. So did Rubie Bell, the “hero” of the tale, who just wanted to be an ordinary nerd, but then was captivated by feelings and love. The book is not quite famous, but it has collected lots of positive feedback.

6. Normal People 

This fiction presents not only the features of high school life but also a fascinating love story, where issues of the poor and the rich are also raised. Two heroes determine their goals in conformity with their status, and somehow this status changes their relationship. As a result, everything changed, and the one, who had the black line, raised to the tops. 

5. Chemistry

Now that’s what we call the life-changing book! This is a story of an anonymous character, who faces the pressure caused by her college life: graduation, seeking job opportunities, even marriage. Consequently, fiction lays the ground to ask yourself several questions, such as “Who am I?”, or “What do I want to achieve?”

By the way, if you aren't keen on reading full books, not only fiction, but also the ones on financial topics, and you think it will be enough to read a brief review - go here, and maybe you will find some!

4. Only Love

As you may have noticed, the stories about student life are related to love occasions. So, here’s another work by Erich Segal, which depicts the part of a young student becoming a professional doctor. This love story is about the character’s fondness and commitment to his specialization.

3. I Am Charlotte Simmons

Namely, this novel is considered to be one of the most famous ones among those which describe student life. Interesting fact: before writing it, the author Tom Wolf lived on student campuses for almost four years! It teaches us that campuses are not only the places where people study hard 24/7 but also do a lot of funny stuff.

2. Norwegian Forest

Haruki Murakami, who is considered to be one of the best modern writers, has also spent some time writing about students. However, this book can be unexpectable for readers because it describes the life of a Japanese student, but in a contrary manner, not so idealistic. Thankfully, it doesn’t concern all Japanese students.

1. Harry Potter

This is the story that doesn’t even need a presentation, so does its author, J. K. Rowling. It shows competently the examples of strong friendship, dedication to purposes, cramming for success in studying, but in the magic world. Of course, we expect to read about how students of Hogwarts write English literature essays, but the plot was subject to become an all-time bestseller! 

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