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3 Sure Fire Ways to Increase Your Grades

increase grades

By Kari Oakley

Many students find it a challenge to keep their grades up. In some cases, up to thirty percent of students end up failing. Frustrations can build up whenever a student keeps on failing.

These frustrations can lead to unpredicted consequences such as suicidal thoughts. Such consequences can be averted with an increase in a student’s grades. So, how does a student increase his/her grades?

Improving your Health

Poor health is one of the key reasons that results in the failure of many students. This is due to the fact that illness makes it difficult for one to study, contributing to an increase in the number of students who sit for their exams while unprepared.

There are several ways by which we can improve our health, such as through exercise and a good diet. Refined foods that are high in calories have become the norm. It’s time that we alter our diet by eating healthier food.

Some people lament that some of the food we term as healthy is unappealing. This is a challenge that can be remedied by the use of naturally occurring spices such as pepper, or lesser known food ingredients such as carrageenan.

Exercise, on the other hand, has been proven to increase the quality of life, which directly impacts your studies.

Have a Positive Attitude

A negative attitude towards a certain subject is an indication of imminent failure. In order for a student to improve his/her attitude towards a certain subject, several issues need to be addressed.

One of the reasons for poor attitude is a lack of interest in the subject being studied. To increase interest in such a subject, a student can engage in interesting activities related to the subject.

An example is when a student likes fine arts but dislikes biology. While learning about the human digestive system, such a student can engage in drawing this human system so as to help create a mental image of it, hence easing the learning process.

Develop Better Study Habits

Some people end up failing despite studying. This is a challenge that has baffled many students. What many students have failed to understand is that getting better grades requires more than just studying.

In order to pass an exam, one has to study in a smart way. It’s more beneficial to break up one’s study time into short periods, allowing for rest in between these periods. A student can use these rest periods to engage in leisure activities. Such a study routine increases knowledge retention.

Students should also make use of aids such as study cards. Short notes written on study cards can be quite useful especially when revision time is scarce. The most important points relating to a certain topic can be noted down in these study cards.

These points are then read just before an exam to remind a student some information that he/she might have forgotten.

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Attending all Classes

An important aspect related to a certain subject can be taught in class. Some students fail to note down this important piece of information. When you fail to attend lectures but instead insist on borrowing notes from such students, you end up missing crucial information that may end up getting tested in an exam.

Some teachers give tips on how to answer certain questions in an exam. Such tips are missed by students who fail to attend classes whenever these tips are given. In an exam, a student ends up failing despite knowing the correct answers to the exam questions because the student fails to follow the guidelines laid out earlier on by their teachers on how to answer questions.

Rather than cheating or giving up in your studies, why not try these simple but often underrated techniques to increase your grades? A little more consistent effort may lead to an exponentially large positive change in your grades.

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