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How to Improve Reading Comprehension
for Your Kids at Home?

As the title suggests, reading comprehension is the habit or practice of reading a text and then comprehending or understanding what it wants to say. It does not focus on decoding the meaning of a single word but all the individual characters, words, phrases and sentences put together to form a complete lexically correct text. Reading is a practice which everyone should inculcate as it helps with understanding the experiences of other people and at the same time helps us with better language to engage in conversations and explain ourselves in a much more efficient manner. It makes children compassionate and teaches them empathy. Parents need to take this matter with utter urgency and help their kids become avid readers. This will not only help the kids to gain knowledge but also gather inspiration and confidence from the characters and stories they read about. It is always advisable to let a child choose what he wants to read, and that might solve half the problem. The compulsive school curriculum, tuition classes, homework and other pressures make a child frustrated with the idea of books as a leisurely activity, which becomes very tough to change.

Improve Reading Comprehension

Let the child choose

We must allow the children to choose the text or genre that they like and find appealing. Some parents might be strict about what they want their children to read and what they do not. At the beginning of the reading stage, the child must inculcate the habit of reading. If he/ she is not comfortable with the idea of reading itself, there will be no point of buying him good books. If a child is interested in magic and wizards, buy him a copy of Harry Potter books and see how they are responding to the genre. If he likes space travel and the cosmos buy him something interesting. You can even choose an autobiography of a personality which he admires and ask him to give it a read. The child will need your support in reading; there will be distractions, they won't know the meaning of words and will give up because it seems to be a never-ending task. What parents can do is appoint some time of the day to read and sit down with the child asking him to read aloud so he can hear himself. This will help improve his reading, comprehending and speaking skills. You could also get your child enrolled in an online auditory therapy program to improve their comprehension. Help your child with tough words, show them how to use a dictionary and use these words with them regularly so that they don't forget it.

Make reading interesting

A child will not give up his favourite cartoon show for reading a book, easily. Parents will have to change certain things in the house to cultivate this habit. They will need to be with the kids during their fixed reading times and try to make it an engaging and happy activity. Use books which have pictorial representations and set a marker for a particular number of pages to be read in a day. Reading a whole book will seem like a mountain of a task but reading 5-10 pages a day should be fine. Begin with short stories and then proceed to novellas and then to novels. You can also set a prize for achieving milestones like a trip to their favourite gaming arena for finishing a book or something similar.

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