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Top 7 Ways to Improve Essay Writing Skills
for Undergraduates

improve essay writing

If a student has poorly developed writing skills, he/she commonly suffers a lot. One comparative study was conducted by Yah Awg Nik, Azizah Hamzah, and Hasif Rafidee, experts out of three different universities. Their study was aimed at the identification of factors that negatively affect our writing. The study revealed various factors. Amongst the most typical were problems with origination, understanding of the content, selection of inappropriate vocabulary, mechanics in writing, and so on. Most participants had great difficulties with syntactic structure, grammar, idioms, etc. You should overcome potential complications.

Our experts have analyzed different sources and came up with 7 great ways that help undergraduate students to improve their writing skills. These are as follows:

  1. Handwriting.
  2. Reading essays of others.
  3. Developing own style.
  4. Using the help of men and machines.
  5. Planning.
  6. Pre-Writing.
  7. Organizing and analyzing.

Way #1

Handwriting is one of the most effective methods to improve writing in general. One of the most famous handwriting publishers, Zaner-Bloser Inc., reported that primary schools devote too little time to teach handwriting. According to its independent investigation, most institutions devote only an hour per week. This is a horrible rate. Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that some children can’t understand their own cursive. They use different technical devices and “write” there.

The education program ought to give more heed to this issue. Many studies reveal the huge importance of writing with a hand on paper. Students should write more on paper because it’s helpful for our cognition. It helps to reach the optimal efficiency in brain functioning.

A study carried out by James, K.H., and Engelhardt, L. in one Indiana University study proved that handwriting helps to enhance the cognition and provides lots of benefits. This study focused on children up to 5 years of age. As they draw the letters, their brain activity showed the result very similar to the way adults think. When we write, we focus on motor control necessary to manipulate our fingers. It has a huge stimulation for the brain and greatly increases concentration and attention. Besides, it trains our memory because our hand remembers how to hold and use a pen.

Handwriting uses self-generated mechanisms that enhance our cognitive functions. Our way of thinking improves. As a result, solutions come faster and easier. We use more original approaches to different situations. That’s why you should write on paper as much as possible.

Way #2

Another essential method is to read. Reading skills are as important as writing. Every time we compose an essay, we should look for some evidence. Thus, we ought to read and analyze data. We recommend reviewing the works of other authors. It has additional benefits.

It’s obvious that you’ll sustain your reading comprehension. Additionally, you will enlarge your vocabulary and enrich your knowledge. It’s possible as you learn from the experience of others. All you need is to find really worthy articles and essays to improve this skill and obtain more experience.

Way #3

It’s important to find your own writing style. Most world systems of education pay much attention to originality. Every student is obliged to compose only unique papers. An original style is one of the ways to sustain creativity and produce authentic works. You should think outside the box.

To define the most suitable style, you should read and write a lot. Review the articles, essays, and books of other writers. Note all the concepts, structural differences, syntactic structures, and other features. Think about which points are most appealing to you and try to use them in your own papers. Quite soon, you’ll understand what style to choose. You’ll adapt to it naturally and almost unconsciously.

Way #4

The next way is quite simple – seek help. It may be of any sort. Firstly, you may hire a tutor. There are areas we simply cannot comprehend on our own. A skilled and certificated expert from a reliable essay writing service will surely help you.

Use different applications. There are such apps like The Hemingway Editor or Grammarly. They underline grammar and stylistic errors. Write them down and memorize. You’re welcome to use other apps too.

Way #5

Always have a plan. Whatever assignment you have, you should plan ahead. This stimulates our brain activity. Thanks to the improvement of the cognition, people become more attentive, organized, self-determined, enhance memory capacity, etc.

Way #6

You can improve your skills with the help of pre-writing tasks. Simply make yourself ready the writing. These may be the simplest things – pens and pencils, textbooks and paper, etc. This helps to become more self-disciplined and control time management much better.

Way #7

Finally, you should give heed to the organizational moment and analysis. You will improve your thinking and sustain focus if you’re disciplined and can logically analyze. Here are a few recommendations on how to organize your writing:

  • Plan ahead;
  • Make logical sets;
  • Create a temporal order – undertake the first task, then the second, the third, etc. Always plan the sequence and undertake one task at a time;
  • Divide your tasks in dependence on their importance;
  • Follow a logical order of construction – foundation, main plot, and final touches;
  • Always stick to the plan you’ve made.

Stick to these 7 helpful tips and use them to improve your essay writing skills. Every undergraduate should give them a try. You will not be disappointed.

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