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How to Write the Perfect Resume

What makes the perfect resume? It can be the difference between getting yourself an interview or receiving that impersonal email telling you that you’ve “not been successful on this occasion.” With Applicant Tracking Systems filtering out 75% of all resumes received before anyone even reads them, getting yours right is essential for your hopes of a new job. has created a guide to the anatomy of a perfect resume, from the font type and size to how much white space to leave to what alignment (left) is best for both software systems and hiring managers to skim read. And that’s even before you get to what you’re actually writing, which needs to be punchy, to-the-point and full of concrete evidence rather than vague statements.

So if you don’t know where to get the keywords from for your resume or you’re wondering whether your love of ping pong should make the cut in the interests section, check out these tips to help you craft a winning resume...

How to Write the Perfect Resume
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