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How to Write an Essay | Beginners Guide

Just got handed another essay to write? No worries, it happens to every student. This is not a new story because every student faces difficulties when handed an essay. One should not stress but instead, learn the ways to write a successful essay.

It will be very helpful in getting good grades. An essay can be written using different tactics but also require efforts and will to learn.

Want to know how can one write a perfect essay with ease? Follow up with the guide below!

How to write an Essay?

Essay writing is one of the easiest yet a difficult task at the same time.

Would you like to learn what essay writing is?

The basic pillars, steps, structure, or format to write a successful essay?

One needs to understand the topic first. There are three steps to carry out the process of writing a perfect essay. A good essay requires:

Preparation before writing

What does preparation mean? It means making the title and sub-headings, research conductance, or outlines. Good preparation leads to perfect results!

Correct writing format

The writing determines whether one’s essay is fulfilling the requirements of topics.

A well-written essay should contain a perfect argument or discussion of the topic in the Introduction. The facts or evidence (the complete discussion) in the body, and a perfect disclosure of the topic in an impactful way.

Revise, Revise, Revise

Ever found a mistake after sending a mail in hurry? The same goes for the essays. Students sometimes do not check it for the mistakes like grammar or format and face the consequences afterward. One should also check for the correct formation or organization of arguments too.

Essential steps to follow before writing an essay!

Write an Essay

Most of the students don't even know how they can write an essay for themselves. No worries! A few steps might lead you to the road of perfection.

Try to follow up with every step to get the most out of each one:

  1. Get to know the topic first
    Understanding the topic in-depth is the first and most important step to follow. Does anyone know why? Because if one won’t be knowing the topic, writing it out would be difficult. Learning about the topic beforehand helps a lot.
  2. Pick up the familiar topic
    Most of the time, one doesn’t get the opportunity to choose the topic of the essay and it is mostly provided by the teacher or professor. Selection of the familiar topic leads to good results as one will be knowing a bit more about the topic before research.
  3. Conducting a brief research
    Research means to search the topic in depth. The research should be strong so when one starts to write, there is no confusion left. It will be decreasing the difficulty level of writing an essay.
  4. Come up with the Central idea (Thesis statement)
    Once a person is done with the research, the first thing to do is the creation of a thesis statement. Now how will it help? Creating a thesis statement allows a writer to define the main agenda of the topic in their version.
  5. Map the structure (Outline)
    The last and the most important part before writing an essay is the creation of an Outline. It helps because when one will be mapping every part of an essay beforehand, it will help to execute everything with ease.

What is the basis of an Essay?

Essay depends on the three main essential parts. Let’s discuss them in brief!

Introduction: The first impression!

The introduction is based upon different strategies mainly ideas, questions, or arguments so the reader can understand what the essay is based upon. It is the first impression, so one needs to make everything look perfect. A good introduction should be:

Catching the reader’s eyes
The first thing an introduction should contain is a catch. If an introduction won’t be catchy, the reader will take no interest in reading the rest of the essay. If our topic is “What led to the creation of Computers? So we will start like:

Ever thought about how the world will look if there were no computing technology?

See? Simple questions can also create a great impact!

Providing the background of the topic
The background of the topic is very easy as it will be providing the reader with an overview of the topic. The background information will also help in making the introduction supportive with facts on hand to start.

The first computer was built by J.V. Atanasoff in the year in the year 1937, who was a Mathematician and a professor of Physics.

Containing the thesis statement
The thesis statement is also necessary for the overview of the topic that would be discussed. It will be giving a little info and background to the reader.

The main body: An essay's support system

The main body of an essay is the support system in a way that it backs up the ideas or arguments with the support of evidence. This part also contains the analyzed information in an orderly manner to maintain readability. In this way, the reader won’t be losing interest. An essay should be of:

An ideal length
An ideal length means the word count of an essay. It varies differently from school to university level. The ideal length of an essay should be 70% to 80% of an essay. The main difference is in words because a school essay might be 1000 words but a university level essay is at least 5000-6000 words.

A perfect structure
The perfect structure means that every fact and information should be written in an aligned order so it doesn’t look messy.

Conclusion: The topic's disclosure

The most difficult part is to create an impact while disclosing, no? This is not true because an impression is created by stating facts while disclosing the topic in a catchy way.

The perfect model or the base model of the computer was the first step in the innovation of technology. The fact here is that the proposing model of computer in the year 1936 was the actual basis of the modern computer. It led to the creation of computer models that are still being used to date!

Checklist: What should a perfect essay contain?

Some students can’t figure out how to write one, which leads them to Essay writers UK qualified to help them. A fair call, I would say.

A checklist might help to check whether yours is a perfect one or not.

  • The ideal length should support the format of one’s essay.
  • Introduction spark that will be catching the reader’s eye.
  • Well-crafted thesis statement that helps in understanding the main idea of the topic.
  • The consistent formatting & structure.
  • Interesting headers to increase the readability.
  • Conclusion highlighting the main idea.

Wrapping it up!

Many students require the custom essay writing service so they can get a perfect written essay. Following up with the above guide will help any student write an essay by himself/herself! For a beginner, you are good to go.

Good Luck!

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