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How To Apply DA Concepts After Earning Your DASSM Certification?

If you’re fresh out with a Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) certification, congratulations to you! You’re amongst the only few thousand people in the world to have achieved this milestone. Only the creme de la creme holds this prestigious credential after application reviews, audits, and finally, the exams. The Disciplined Agile Senior Scrum Master (DASSM) Certification is highly underrated because of the lack of information. But still, having the certification gives you superior credibility in the cutting-edge competition for the senior Scrum Master role. In addition, the DASSM salary is higher than that of many other project management certifications. On average, a Senior Scrum Master earns a package of around 21L INR per year.

DASSM Certification training tests your knowledge about various domains:

  • Strategy Alignment
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Benefits Realization
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Adaptive Planning

Individual Scrum Masters wouldn’t be capable enough to bring about the speed, efficiency, and results that a DASSM-certified senior Scrum Master could. Having gained DASSM training from an esteemed PMI-authorized organization, you ensure that you are updated with all the recent developments with the latest Disciplined Agile framework.

With DASSM training, as a certified individual, you are:

  • Prepared to lead Agile teams effectively
  • Oversee and manage multiple Agile teams
  • Streamline Agile practices
  • Manage teams through organizational change
  • Align Agile activities with business goals
  • Maximize team efficiency
  • Measure highly performative results

“Project leaders are becoming even more essential as organizations recognize that strategy is implemented through Agile teams, and as disruptive technology frees them from mundane routines, providing more opportunity to innovate.” - Mark A. Langley, PMI President and CEO

Now, let’s look at how exactly your journey would be mapped out while solving real-world cases in an organization with the DASSM certification.

Ideation: Getting into the Agile Mindset

When a DASSM-certified individual enters an enterprise, they bring in the Agile mindset along. When this mindset is inculcated into the teams, the performance shows a positive trend along with increased efficiency and accelerated growth. In fact, according to PMI’s Pulse of the Profession study, Agile organizations successfully meet goals more often and waste less money compared to their non-Agile counterparts.

With a DASSM professional’s experience, they develop tactical and strategic ideas to structure ambiguous environments and hence, streamline the entire project into dynamic bursts.

Communicate: Work Smarter With “Power” Skills

According to PMI, strong interpersonal skills are crucial for effective work, with 92% of respondents in a Pulse of the Profession survey agreeing to this. As senior Scrum Masters, effective communication becomes even more crucial to reinforce leadership in cross-functional teams. At the same time, they must resolve any arising conflicts of interest between the organization, the team, and the organization’s stakeholders.

With DASSM training, individuals become adept at negotiations as well. These negotiations are a sub-aspect of overall communication and are crucial to achieving goals. This is because negotiations with team leaders can influence better decisions, which is, in turn, a top priority for a senior Scrum Master and is discussed in further sub-sections.

Train and Manage Teams As A Senior Scrum Master

DASSM-certified individuals have demonstrated capability in leadership and tactical management of Agile teams. Senior Scrum Masters must foster the development of skills within the team while ensuring engagement and coordination of multiple Agile teams.

DASSM training enables professionals to deal with complex and ambiguous situations. These complex situations must be broken down into bite-sized instructions for the teams and their team leaders as per the evolving Ways of Working (WoW). These instructions help teams navigate the rapidly changing business landscape when integrated with strong technical skills.

Align Ideas With Business Goals

The primary focus of the DASSM course is learning how to align Agile practices with the overall objectives of the enterprise. As a DASSM-certified individual, it comes under your responsibility to keep the more significant business objectives in the loop and align the Agile practices accordingly because you’re at the forefront of advancing your organization’s strategic goals. As a Senior Scrum Master, you must leverage risks and simultaneously manage the outcomes of those risks. The bottom line should be the benefit of the organization and the maturity of Agile practices at an optimized speed and efficiency.

Generate Results With Maximum Efficiency

So after subsequent ideation, communication, training and managing teams, and aligning Agile practices with the organization’s objectives comes the delivery of results of these efforts. There are extensive benefits to implementing Agile practices in a structured way, as done in DASSM training. DASSM focuses on the delivery of value – both tangible and intangible:

  • Tangible benefits include assets, equity, utility, fixtures, tools, market share, etc.
  • Intangible values include goodwill, brand value, benefit to the public, trademark, reputation, and alignment to strategy.

You are the catalyst to drive results as a Senior Scrum Master with a DASSM certification. You provide direction to the teams you oversee. Hence, with proper strategies and suitable means, you can achieve outstanding results for your organization while also gaining personal credibility.

Concluding Remarks

This guide laid out your entire upcoming journey after completing the DASSM course. The prestigious certification itself speaks volumes, but so does the future work you carry on. Good luck!

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