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How We Should Study the Bible

The Bible is a very old book that a lot of people even today still refer to. We see references to the Bible ever so often in stories, media culture, folklores, and even songs and rhymes. Why is the Bible such an important book that it permeates almost all cultures today? Many stories and references in the Bible can be seen over decades in music and movies (popular culture) and what makes them so interesting is their reference to something familiar to almost every person’s curiosity; if there is something greater than themselves, or a God. However, by just having sparse knowledge provided by information around us revolving the Bible does not make us knowledgeable about the Bible itself, nor does it portray an accurate representation of what the Bible is trying to convey through those stories. This might make you wonder, then how do we understand the Bible correctly? Is there even a way to do that? Many people, even some Christians, are not aware that the reason why they might have had such a hard time reading the Bible is probably because they were not reading it correctly. Just in the same way we wouldn’t read a thesaurus like a Harry Potter book, there is a proper way of understanding the Bible that might completely change your perspective of this ancient scripture.

The proper way to understand the Bible is from beginning to end, meaning that we have to be able to understand the thread of connection first before diving into the details of what the Bible has to share. Have you ever wondered why some chapters or books in the Bible do not make sense to you as to the reason why they’re even included in the Bible? There are so many stories in the Old Testament for instance, that we see are just Sunday School material or stories you would tell your children if you were to raise a Christian family. But these stories are not just random stories used to entertain children and get them to go to church. These stories have a much deeper meaning behind the metaphors that even the most prominent bible colleges have different views and explanations. There is a will of God contained within that is very consistent from the first book of the Bible, which is Genesis, to the last book of the Bible, which is Revelation. For example, the sacrificial lamb in the Old Testament was not just as an atonement sacrifice, but also representing Jesus who was to come hundreds of years after to do a similar work of atoning sin by being sacrificed. This is only one of the hundreds of examples in the Bible where you can understand more about God’s specific will for us. 

Whether you are a curious non-believer, a Christian from birth, or just someone who is looking for a bible study for beginners, we have to recognize that even before reading the Bible, we have to truly examine the ways we have been approaching this book and try our best to understand it correctly as God has willed it to be read. With that in mind, it will entail us taking the initiative, and a good place to start can be looking into resources such as Bible Study for All to learn more about it as well!

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