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How Does a Second Language Boost Your Brain?

For the longest time, experts believed that teaching kids multiple languages confuses them and impairs them psychologically. However, modern-day research has made it quite clear that bilingual children have a psychological edge over monolingual children. 

Being bilingual can be beneficial especially as you age as it can delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease in old age. The cognitive benefits of knowing multiple languages can start showing at a young age and persist throughout life. Here are some of the ways that a second language can help boost your brain: 

1. It Builds Your Confidence 

Learning a new language is not an easy task. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone and put yourself out there. Plus you are going to make many mistakes while learning, sometimes even in front of an audience. 

However, if you can manage to still keep going you will get an amazing sense of accomplishment once you’ve mastered that language. Moreover, the whole process makes you a lot more confident and assured of yourself. 

2. It Helps Connect with Others 

One of the most incredible aspects of learning a new language is the ability to connect to more people in their own language. You get to communicate with a wider range of people which can open up a lot of doors for you in your personal and professional life. Being able to connect to someone at a deeper level is a unique gift that becomes much easier when you can speak to them in the language that is closest to their heart. 

3. It Induces Higher Brain Function 

Switching between multiple languages takes a lot of brainpower. It forces your brain to function at a much higher level, which results in improved memory, better problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, ability to multitask, higher concentration, and better listening skills. Moreover, as you grow older, being bilingual can also help prevent cognitive decline and mental illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease. 

4. It Makes You More Articulate

Knowing multiple languages naturally makes you more articulate. This means that you become much better at expressing yourself in different languages. Being a good speaker is one of the most valuable skills to have in the modern-day and age. It is because most kids grow up playing video games and staying inside which stunts their social growth. 

Consequently, kids have a hard time expressing themselves. If you are articulate and have a good grip on multiple languages, you can be better at almost everything that you put your mind to than your peers. 

If you are learning English as a second language, I would suggest you try the ESL worksheets PDF for a better English practice. It will provide you with the required material that will help you become more articulate and professional. 

5. It Makes You a Flexible Thinker

Your ability to think is as good as your ability to articulate yourself. By improving your ability to speak you give yourself the vocabulary required to become a better and more flexible thinker. It expands your ability to perceive the world and think about things that you would never have thought about had it not been for a deeper understanding of language and speech itself. 

6. It Helps You Make Better Decisions 

Decisions made in your second language are often more sound and reasonable, as opposed to the ones made in your native language. This is because our second language gives us the ability to disconnect from our emotions and look at things objectively. This way you end up making decisions based on facts rather than your emotional biases. All and all, your second language is great at boosting your decision-making abilities and helping you to gain perspective. 

7. It Increases Your Ability to Learn 

When you know multiple languages you naturally increase your access to knowledge. Your learning isn’t limited by your native language. You can make use of tons of learning resources and materials in your second language and get ahead of everyone else. Moreover, your second language will open tons of new paths and avenues for you that will take your learning abilities to the next level. 

The Bottom Line: 

There is no doubt that people who speak multiple languages develop an enhanced ability to effectively manage higher cognitive processes. This makes them better problem-solvers, boasts their memory, and makes them more open and flexible in their thinking. That is why everyone should try to learn multiple languages throughout their life. I wish you good luck, guys! 

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