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How Has Remote Learning Influenced Students

Today, distant learning is rather a necessity than a whim. Global lockdown caused by COVID-19 forced educational establishments to close. To prevent teachers from losing their jobs and students from losing precious time, the governments decided to switch the entire studying process to an online format. Is it effective? Let’s have a look at what has changed.

New Experience and More Freedom

Once schools realized the importance of implementing distant learning, they commanded teachers to create new programs. As a result, the approaches to studying vary across regions. That is why students gain rather diversified experiences. In class, they used to follow stricter rules than they do now.

Most families share that their children are thriving with fewer social distractions. They do not have to think about school hierarchy, focusing on studies alone. Many students are motivated by the newfound independence. It allows exploring the subject from new angles, developing individual models of studying.

New Approaches to Doing Assignments

The most common high school and college task is writing a research paper. In fact, most of the assignments are about writing after collecting and analyzing some data. Most students hate this task, but they have more time to search for tools that would make their life easier while at home. They have unlimited access to the internet, where they can find apps such as Grammarly, Copyscape, Evernote, different essay generators, and more. All of these tools can make the process of composing a paper simple and fast. They allow students to check the texts on their own before submitting them. This way, they have higher chances of getting better grades. When stuck with no time or lack of reliable sources, a student can even buy essay online and use it as a basis for his work or further research.

Doing Homework Online

It is obvious that students not only study remotely but do their homework as well. Managing homework assignments online is way easier than taking tests and exams. The only difference is that students send their papers via email or study boards instead of submitting printed versions in a class. Also, students and tutors discuss homework on forums or in chats instead of doing that in-person. According to the study on distance learning, the key outcomes are:

  • There is a sort of disparity with the number of tasks assigned to students. Learners from suburbs tend to obtain significantly fewer homework tasks than their peers from large cities.
  • There is almost no difference in the number of assignments given to students from private schools and public schools. Thus, it’s possible to conclude that homework tasks are created based on the subject instead of the economic group.
  • The amount of homework before and after the pandemic did not change.

Higher Involvement and Less Bad Habits

Because of independence and freedom of choice, students dedicate more time to studying while at home. It appears that they have nothing left to do with clubs and parks all closed. College students stop consuming beer and partying nights long.

Once young people get sick and tired of playing games and watching TV, they switch to a new activity, which is learning. More than 80% of students log in to remote learning daily. Only less than four percent do it once a week.

Tech Upgrade and Government Programs

The primary problem is the lack of digital devices at home. Low-income families cannot afford to buy the necessary equipment and tools for studying. While some classes require internet browsers and Microsoft Office usage, others may ask students to use more advanced programs. Those are different educational apps and games.

Not all families can oversee distance learning. Because of unemployment rates, some students stay without up-to-date devices and software for studying. Is the government responsible for covering this type of expense? At least, it is a great stimulus to start supporting families with low income. The issue of poverty remains unsolved in many parts of the world, especially in undeveloped countries.

At the same time, the lockdown caused by COVID-19 is global. Thus, governments, teachers, and families should unite to provide every student with a worthy education level.

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