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If you are just entering college, you may not know the significance and importance of choosing a roommate. Usually, most colleges pick your roommate for you unless you ask otherwise. In fact, some colleges won't even allow you to do that, but if you don't ask, you are not going to know whether it is allowed or not.

You can go to a hookup forum to see what others are saying about the topic of hooking up with an individual, whether it is in college or otherwise. This will give you a good idea of how to approach it. There are certain things to look for, if you are planning on going to college and not sure what to expect.

Before you start worrying, it is best to do your research to find out what your college offers and what they allow. College should be an exciting time and not one for worry. Let us take a look at some of the things you should consider.

Good or Bad Decision

If you want to choose a roommate before entering college, you should know that it could be either a good or bad choice. Not because you are friends with someone does it mean that it will be a good choice.

While you may be friends, it can be more difficult to live with someone than just seeing them occasionally. Until you are sharing space with someone, you won't know what to expect from them. Is this worth the risk of a friendship? You can pick a roommate in college and get a good match, whether it is a friend or a stranger. However, first, you should get some things clear before you both move in together.

The Expectations

Both you and your potential roommate should discuss what you expect as it relates to the living space. You should both determine things like comfort, personal hygiene, cleanliness, neatness, visitors, study time, and a host of other things that are important to you. Having an intense discussion will iron out all these details. If you don't take care of this initially, you will have problems and possibly arguments later on and these problems will be more difficult to resolve.

The Schedules

Both you and your roommate may be taking different classes because you are pursuing different types of degrees or educational programs. Therefore, your class schedules do not have to align with each other.

However, it would be so insensitive, if you have a roommate who wakes up at 5 AM every day and walks around the apartment making noises when you get up at 8 AM and feel forced to get up at the same time because it is hard to sleep. The same is true if you work part-time in college and get home to study while your roommate has friends over. This is why you have to set the rules and boundaries to avoid conflict.

Setting Boundaries

If you are comfortable with the roommate inviting a significant other or friends over or even staying for the night, this is something you should discuss from the start. Boundaries have to be set or you may have issues with each other and the situation may get uncomfortable. It could get really uncomfortable waking up to see a stranger sleeping on the sofa, something you did not know about.

Of course, this could result in an intense and heated argument between you and your roommate. Having one friend for a sleepover is one thing, but what if your roommate is a swinger and decides to carry this kind of lifestyle into the apartment by inviting people from swingers club San Diego?

That would be another level of conflict, which would be hard to diffuse. This could be resolved by drafting up a contract with your roommate in what will or will not be accepted. Establishing those boundaries is something of utmost importance.

Likes and Dislikes

While you can broaden the scope of those boundaries, you should definitely let your roommate know of your likes and dislikes. These things are definitely worth a discussion. Here are some things to consider below.

* Personal taste in television shows, movies and music

* Décor in the dorm

* Sharing things and borrowing things

If you live for country music and your roommate loves rap or heavy metal, there could be a conflict. Therefore, set guidelines for playing music at a low volume or while using a headset. If you both have different tastes in decor, then you could compromise by leaving the living room basic and changing the decor in your rooms. You could also use earth tones instead of bright colors. Most people are OK with basic colors.

Some people might come from a big family and you may come from a small family. Sharing is one of the things that may be a problem, if you are not used to sharing. This includes things in life such as advice, clothes, food, and even time. Of course, good sex advice is nothing to fight about. It should be a generous contribution toward your roommate and vice versa.

Accepting a Random Pick

Most colleges will randomly pick a roommate and you have to adjust to living with a stranger. You still can lay down your rules and boundaries despite the random pick. Even though the pick is random, colleges tend to try to go as close to compatibility as possible. This means you have to provide as much information about yourself as is possible to make the pick closer to your personality and taste. Most colleges will let you fill out a survey with questions about your personal tendencies.


If you get a random stranger picked for you, it is possible to ask for a change or you can live with the person for a semester and seek your own roommate. However, proper communication is important to make sure that there are no conflicts. If you are not happy with the roommate situation, you can move from the dorm into an apartment off-campus. There are definitely other options to consider.

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