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Higher Education and the
Best Lead Management Software

By Elizabeth Skinner

Education is where it all begins. It is used to shape the minds of young people that will later take over the control of the world. It’s how we make things happen, build things, and produce results. This is why investing in the education is the number one priority of every country and educational institution.

Technology has done a lot to help the educational system. It helped tackle the main factors in management and decision making in the educational sector, as well as created tools that improve it significantly. That being said, lead management software is one of the best things that happened to higher education.

What Can Lead Management Software Do?

The number of students is growing, and so is that of universities, both online and land-based. Today, higher education is facing grand competition in terms of new enrollees. Students and parents expect quality education and quick service on behalf of the academic institution they’ve chosen. To help this happen, lead management exists to deliver timely and accurate information, communications, and feedback.

Lead Management Software

Lead management is the chronicle of higher education today. Ever since it was first introduced, it became an irreplaceable tool for managing the communication with students, both potential and current. Quality lead management software free or paid allows the institutions to personalize and track their contact with any student, alumni, or donor.

When you take all this into consideration, these systems become the thing that keeps the colleges alive and productive.

Lead Management for Education Industry

In the world, millions of students end their high school education and graduate every year. Some of them consider their future education days, while others do it years ahead. Seeing how the competition in education and employment is enormous at this point, we can all assume that most students fall into the second group.

Lead Management Software

The goal of the academic institutions is to track, capture, and nurture the potential students into skilled members of their selected field, as well as part of the academic community. To do this, schools need quality lead management software that helps them cover all bases, nurture the leads, evaluate the marketing campaigns, and attract the best potential students to study there.

Technology has come a long way for the world of education. Lead management is to schools what a college admission essay writing service is to a student – the tool that maintains the success and helps both yield amazing results, so you could pay Edubirdie and get your essay in a short period of time. If we want to shift the landscape of education, we have to send a clear message that attracts the right students, the target audience of each institution.

Students don’t take their higher education lightly. They’ll brainstorm between ideas, weigh their choices, and only then make a decision. In this process, it is the school’s strategy and communication that most affects the student’s decision. If you want students to keep enrolling with your academic institution, you need to show them that your school is their best available choice.

Nowadays, with thousands of online colleges and universities that just keep popping up over the internet, it’s getting hard to remain competitive all on your own. The best proven way to reach out to the leads, make them show interest, and invite them to enroll is lead management software.

With the right software, you have constant and accurate access to numbers, data, and information crucial for your decision-making process. It doesn’t do the job for you, but helps you do your job more effectively. This software provides data that ranges from the locations of students who are interested in your schools, to their age, interests, and gender as a target audience. Gathering this information on your own would otherwise take very long and be much more inaccurate. With good software and a targeted strategy, you can provide your candidates with the best possible experiences.

Here are just a couple of things that you can accomplish with the help of such software:

  • Collect and organize leads from all sources to fit your standards
  • Send, prepare, and read email replies without asking you to switch between applications
  • Send out leads to the admission staff instantly and without delays
  • Have access to all the information from any time and any place thanks to a cloud based access
  • Automatically generate accurate reports on all your marketing efforts
  • Create nurturing emails and send them based on your schedule
  • Increase your ROI (return on investment) for marketing
  • Keep track of all the interactions with your prospects
  • Mine necessary data for the future marketing campaigns
  • Help with recruitment, administration, alumni and staff management
  • Keep track of student records and fundraising activities

Without good lead management software, handling all the points above is simply impossible now that the competition is so high. Lead management studies everything from admissions, administration, public relations, and results. The issues that happen in these fields are instantly accessed, analyzed, and provided to you as a user of such software.

Top Rated Lead Management Software Options

Now that I’ve shared my impressions with this type of software, it is time for me to present you with the best options at your disposal. Here are the top five rated software options you should be considering:

  • HubSpot Sales
    HubSpot Sales is considered one of the smartest systems that help you build an automated marketing process and achieve more in less time.
  • Freshsales
    Freshsales is a popular CRM tool designed to keep track of contacts and enable high velocity teams in doing their job more accurately.
  • Pardot
    Pardot is marketing automation software that’s specifically designed to help with lead generation, organization, and marketing.
  • Copper
    Copper is an online platform integrated with Google Apps. It has a very simple interface and yet, it is very powerful.
  • SalesLoft
    Salesloft has over 90% user satisfaction rating. It helps you enhance communication and it integrates sales calls and email tracking in a single platform.

Final Thoughts

Lead management software can be extremely beneficial in every field that has something to offer to people, especially in education. It’s a solution that puts higher education institutions in front of their competition. All you need is to choose the right tool for your institution, target it toward the right audience, and provide your students with the best options they can find on the market.

About the Author:
Elizabeth Skinner is a software developer who works in a New Jersey- based software company. Her aim is to help small businesses survive and turn into big companies. Lately, her main focus is on educational institutions and helping them provide the young people with the education they need.
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