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Things You Need to Stop Doing Now
in Order to Have a Happy College Life

By Gary Shaw

Research shows that students who live a happier life in college report higher grades. Happiness supports a free and fun learning experience. But, what is happiness? Happiness is an everyday positive feeling. This state is accompanied by a general feeling of life having meaning. Apart from happiness leading to better performance, there are other benefits. First, having a happy life is good for your health. Research shows that people who are happy are less likely to get sick. Such people also live longer. Second, happiness makes it easier to cope with stress. This is important considering that there is a lot to deal with in college life. Being happy should thus be a key priority in college.

Here are things you need to stop doing now in order to have a happy college life:

Unhealthy lifestyles

To live a happy life, you must stop unhealthy lifestyles. These include eating junk food, skipping meals, and not exercising. Research shows that exercises produce happy hormones. It is thus important to stop taking junk food and hitting the gym. In fact, you don’t need to visit a gym, you may consider alternatives. These include walking, workout in the room, and running among other ideas. The exercises will make you feel good. You will release endorphins that will make you happy. Replace unhealthy snacks with healthy ones. You may consider fruits or nuts. Drinking plenty of water also helps. It will make you feel energized. Don’t skip meals as you will be less energized and have bad moods.

Also, stop keeping your room dirty. Living in a messy space will mess your mood. Make your bed, organize the shelves, and do the laundry. It may sound hard but it’s not. Again, it will make a big difference in your moods. Having good hygiene will increase the chances of making new friends and make you a happier person.

Bad friends

Having bad friends means surrounding yourself with people whom you can’t rely on. This means you will not have a confidante when the going gets tough. You will lack someone you can celebrate with during good times. What about when college life feels overwhelming? You will not have someone to ground you. It is not easy to find good friends. However, there are good people out there. Take time and find them. Otherwise, you will live an unhappy college life.

Taking classes that don’t reflect your interests

Sometimes, your parents may give you pressure to enroll in certain courses. However, if that course does not reflect your interests, you are going to live a miserable life. Talk with the parents and let them know your desire and interests. After all, your happiness is what matters most. Securing your parent’s dream job comes second.

Excess partying

It is good to party. However, partying can only be a source of happiness as long as it is limited. Partying until you pass out, drinking and driving, and over-speeding to the point of getting cops involved should be avoided. Such behaviors will lead to regret. Some students even miss classes because of late-night partying. This leads to disappointments. It also affects your relationship with professors and other students. This can make your life in college to be full of unhappiness.

Not embracing independence

College gives you an opportunity to be away from home. You thus need take advantage of the opportunity to prove to yourself that you can. This opportunity serves as a bridge to adulthood. It helps you to gain confidence. This is a key component for living a happy life.

Comparing yourself to other people

Do you want to live a happy college life? Stop comparing yourself with others. Doing this only lowers your self-confidence as well as happiness. This is especially worse when you realize you don’t measure up. The comparison only makes you focus on what you hate about yourself. As an alternative, accept the flaws and embrace your uniqueness. Look at your strengths and this will help you see your true value. Otherwise, you will be unmotivated and unhappy. You can take various steps to stop the comparisons. These include stopping yourself, counting your blessings, and focusing on your strengths.

Not having a hobby

If you want to live a happy college life, find a hobby you enjoy. Research shows that having a hobby helps in stress reduction, and brings something to be excited about. Turning to your hobby helps you to cheer up. It makes you healthier and happier. Having a hobby will give you the meaning and purpose of your life. Otherwise, you may succumb to isolation, depression, and anxiety. Therefore, identify something you love doing. During your free time, perform this hobby. It can be listening to music, watching movies, gardening, fishing, building model aircraft, or playing musical instruments. This will increase your happiness throughout your college life. Also, you will experience fulfillment as well as accomplishment.

Staying in your comfort zone

To have a happy college life, get out of your comfort zone. College life is all about exploring and getting to learn about new ideas. Therefore, stepping out of your comfort zone will help you to grow and be happy. Getting out of your comfort zone may include visiting new places, taking your hobby to a professional level, and saying no to things you disagree with. Taking such steps will motivate you and eventually make you a happy person.

Setting unrealistic expectations

Setting unrealistic expectations in college can make you feel less happy. This is considering that reaching the goals may be impossible. It is thus important to set realistic expectations that you are more likely to meet. This way, you will be real with yourself. You will be honest with your abilities.

Bad habits

Break bad habits in college and develop positive ones. This will lead to higher levels of happiness. Behaviors such as taking alcohol to overcome stress are bad and serve as a source of stress. Stress management techniques may serve as an alternative to increasing your happiness throughout college life.

College life is supposed to be full of happiness. However, this is not the usual case for all students. Are you one of the students experiencing unhappiness in college? Stop doing the mentioned things now in order to have a happy college life. Living a happy life will increase the chances of performing better. Also, you will live a healthy life. You should, therefore, focus on things that will increase your happiness. Remember to enjoy your experience in college. It only comes once.

About the Author:
Gary Shaw is widely referred as the ‘Teenage Whisperer,’ currently associated with professional writers at Essay mojo. She is a professional in connecting with and assisting the most challenging, disengaged and disturbed teens to turn their lives around. Previously she has worked in both learning and youth justice settings, with both young people and their parents or careers. You can also connect with her on Twitter or Facebook where she regularly tweets/posts about all sorts of issues affecting teens.
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