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Students are Learning How to
Handle Stress with Mindfulness

handle stress

Stress has become an indispensable part of the lifestyle, in general. Even the students cannot escape the same and often find themselves in the midst of so many different types of anxieties. However, recent studies have affirmed the potential of mindfulness as an effective means to combat stress. It is this reason that teachers and schools are now incorporating mindfulness techniques in the lives of students, right from a very tender age. There are many tools available online or in the form of apps to help reduce the stress of students. Dissertation services like or apps that target time management help students in many ways. However, there are many other forms of anxieties that can be reduced by making an effort with mindfulness techniques. Some of the common stresses plaguing students and the mindfulness techniques to combat them are as follows:

1. Meeting deadlines

Deadlines are particularly tricky for college students and are a source of stress for young minds. Meeting deadlines of projects, reports, and other assignments, especially during the finals week, often poses as a major stressful situation. Students have to deal with extremely strict requirements and inflexible dates that lead them to lose focus, which leads them to mental breakdowns. Most of the times, the major problems the students accost while trying to meet deadlines is giving way to distractions. Distractions lead to students in procrastinating, which eventually culminates into an accumulated workload. Taking regular breaks everyday while working on the project helps students in combatting distractions. The breaks can be effectively used to indulge in fitness activities like going to the gym or going for a walk outdoors. Walk on the grass to connect with the sensory elements of touch, smell and sight and revel in the same to relieve stress.

2. Balance

Striking a balance between extracurricular activities and academics leads to a lot of stress for students, particularly during the initial days of their college. It is a common occurrence that during the initial years of college life, the grades of students get affected owing to their inability to strike a balance. In order to maintain a balance, students need to have cracking planning and time management techniques. However, these are the years that students begin to primarily cultivate such qualities, and it can be stressful at times. Maintaining a journal to pen down all your thoughts can be extremely beneficial. Moreover, it helps to take down all the notes and the ideas that cross your mind. In addition to this, it is required to plan ahead, and this needs a to-do list to keep your thoughts clear. Cultivating these habits now will make you mindful for life.

3. Career opportunities

Many students, particularly graduate students have limited time in college to secure an internship and subsequently job opportunities. It is again a handful task to maintain cool while juggling between internship applications, credit score, and extracurricular activities. Moreover, many graduate students also have part-time jobs like working as a TA or RA on campus. Hence, all these mount up to be extremely stressful and can cause nervous breakdowns. The nerve-wracking anxiety levels can only be tamed with the help of mindful activities. Firstly, it is essential for the students to identify the building stress and accept it. Acknowledging the same helps them to identify the root cause of the stress. This helps them to redefine their strategy in order to address the main concern. Secondly, incorporating mind-soothing activities like yoga often seems to help students imbibe calm in the face of stress. In addition to this, students can take out time to indulge in their hobbies like painting or poetry, which even look good on their resume. The stress levels magically come down by boosting up the creative side. Try to incorporate these mindful breaks by planning ahead.

4. Wait

Waiting is an integral part of the life of a student. Right from waiting for results of exams, waiting for colleagues, or waiting, in general, is in itself quite anxiety-inducing. However, this anxiety can easily be dealt with using some stress relieving techniques. While waiting for exam results, try to take note of what you have on your plate. Make the most of the waiting time and indulge in sports activities or go out with friends. Try to become socially active. Spending quality time with your family, if you can, or your loved ones is a great stress buster. One of the best mindful activities is also indulging in some dog therapy. Get hands down with the furry friends to forget the rising anxiety levels. If baking is your choice of activity, then whip out some fresh cookies or cupcakes to share around with your friends, especially when all of you are waiting for exam results.

5. Team tasks

Teamwork is beneficial in most cases, however, if there is a team member whom you do not agree with, then team tasks can be stressful. If one of the team members has a contradicting working style or is not fast enough, then it becomes stressful for both others as well as that particular team member. This requires some serious anger management techniques, as losing cool will further aggravate the situation. Meditation is a good way to keep calm. Collect your thoughts with some “me” time. Moreover, focus on your self-talk. Organize your thoughts internally and play up your strengths. Complete your part of the teamwork and give the other person plenty of time to work it through as well. It is also essential to accept what is beyond your control. Self-motivation helps to let it go and allows you to focus on yourself.

6. Exams

The biggest stress that students pile up is of exams. Exams week witnesses a number of students complaining of racing nerves. These can be avoided easily by maintaining a healthy sleep routine. Taking breaks from technology to indulge in color therapy is also a good option.

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