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Graduation Robes and Hats

Graduation Robes and Hats

Educating oneself and developing interests is a natural need, as well as a goal to obtain one’s dream profession and find a job that matches one’s expectations. However, before this happens, there are long years of university education ahead of each student.

These few years are very important and greatly influence the formation of a young person‘s character, so in order to emphasize unity with the student fraternity, universities introduce special graduation robes and hats – what is their significance and what are their characteristics?

Graduation suit – what is it?

A graduate‘s special outfit usually consists of two main elements – a graduation gown and a graduation hat. Graduation gown is a special robe that is worn on top of the clothes, while a graduation hat is a headwear. Graduation robes and hats have a very long tradition – in some countries where prestigious universities have existed for centuries, they are very common. Of course, this unique graduation suit is worn only on special occasions, such as the inauguration of the academic year, important ceremonies and events, or the graduation day, when students receive their university diplomas.

Thanks to special outfits, the rank of this event increases, and the entire student fraternity emphasizes its unity and belonging to a particular formation. The photo of receiving a diploma in a special gown becomes a remarkable item in the family album. Wearing a graduation gown is also a reference to the long-standing tradition of the university, which also contributes to its greater prestige and becomes an important trademark – so it is not surprising that even those universities that have not preserved this tradition so far decide to order special suits and hats for their students.

Graduation robes and hats – how do they look?

Graduation gown is usually a long, oversize robe, which can be easily worn on top of the clothes. Of course, individual cuts may differ slightly from each other, for example, the robe may be put on over the head, or may not have a fastener – it all depends on the individual preferences of each client. In addition, the graduation suit may also differ in accessories, such as trimmings, and, above all, in color.

The color of the robe can be matched, for example, to the colors of the university flag – these are completely individual characteristics, and thus the graduation robes can relate even more to the traditions and history of the university. Loose cut and the right material make the graduation robes and hats fit almost any person, and they are in a universal color scheme that will be suitable for both men and women. The graduation hat can also feature a different color – you can opt for the same color scheme as the graduation suit or go for an intriguing contrast. Master’s graduation hat can also feature individual markings. This student’s headwear most often has a square in its base – such a cut is one of the most popular ones.

Graduation robes and hats are sewn from high-quality materials that are easy to maintain, so that the student’s uniform always looks elegant and serves the next generations of students efficiently for years. You can order any number of graduation suits and hats with the most universal styles, or you can also opt for more unique accessories that will be associated with a particular university and thus be an important part of its image.

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