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Improving Gateway Course Success for Students

The completion of Gateway Courses serves as a strong predictor of academic success for students. These foundational courses, which are typically the first in a subject area, set the pace for a student's academic journey. However, community college students face significant challenges in completing these gateway courses. Nationally, only 16% of community college students complete both the English and math gateway courses within their first year.

The impact of not completing these courses is evident in retention and graduation rates. Students who do not pass their gateway math and English courses have significantly lower rates of progressing to their second year and graduating within three years.

The success rates in these courses depend on the institution's approach to student support. Colleges and universities that prioritize a "student ready" philosophy and offer corequisite education, where students receive academic support alongside college-level coursework, have higher success rates. The school’s faculty also play an essential role in the success of their students.

Gateway Course for Student Success

Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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