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How to Build a Foundation
for Homeschool Success?

Homeschool Success

The process of homeschooling starts with the decision to step away from the traditional education format and keep the kids at home so parents can be directly involved in their learning. Every family has their own reason for making this choice which will impact the decision they make about which teaching option they want to adopt, how they build their daily schedule and the long-term path for students. One of the first steps towards building a solid foundation for homeschooling is to for the family to work together and communicate about how the homeschool process is working. When kids are young the responsibility is more on parents but as the students get older, their opinions should be included and considered when making decisions.

The next critical decision is choosing the right homeschool program that will accommodate students of all ages whether your child is starting in Kindergarten or you have multiple kids in different grades. Do you build your own curriculum from scratch and pull from a variety of resources? Do you enroll in an online platform that supports all grades or do you only plan to homeschool until they reach high school and then transition to a traditional school? It is always better to plan for the long-term even if the initial decision is only for the short-term because you want students to be set up for success and stability.There are many options to choose from on the Internet so take your time to carefully review the sites, check out qualifications, what they have to offer and what their results are that can be measured.

The best way to make this happen is to check out the registration for online homeschool that has accreditations from several agencies. Online platforms provide the greatest amount of stability and routine for students because they have a set curriculum, certified teachers for every grade and subject and a reliable record-keeping system for every enrollment. Parents should look for accreditation because this indicates the school has been through a rigorous process and met nationally recognized requirements which makes it easier for graduates to get into colleges after the admission panel review. Another benefit of the online option is that parents can share the responsibility, so they are less likely to get overwhelmed and students stay engaged with the portal learning process. The support system provided by the platform should be reliable and easy to work with because new families often spend a great deal of time communicating with them to get established, ask questions about the process and make adjustments as they get settled.

Another important component to a solid foundation for homeschooling is connecting with groups and resources outside the school platform. Learning from others is the best way to avoid common pitfalls and problems associated with getting started, different grade levels and establishing a routine. Parents with one or multiple children have different approaches, those who utilize online programs vs custom curriculum and making sure that state guidelines are being satisfied are just some of the key areas where talking to experienced homeschoolers can be helpful. It also helps connect students and parents with a support system for socialization, planning events and getting involved outside the learning courses and day-to-day work.

Having the right curriculum and a reliable system is critical to the learning process but education includes more than just what is studied in a book or on the screen. The daily routine is important to the success of the process because it influences how students view their education, how assignments and work are managed and keeping everyone informed on the progress. One of the top benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility it gives each family and student to decide how their learning looks each day. Some students work better in the morning, others in the evening, younger students may need more breaks throughout the day and older students need to plan their schedule around sports, job and other activities. Parents and students should work together to determine the best consistent plan so that there are expectations and standards the students know they need to meet to get the work completed within the appropriate time frame.

From registration for online homeschool to planning your child’s graduation ceremony, there are many decisions and steps in between that need to be considered and discussed to have a smooth process and positive experience. Research, asking questions, connecting with experience and working together as a family are good steps to take to find the right program, establish a daily and monthly routine and promote the student’s learning process. There will always be bumps along the way but by taking the above steps there is a solid foundation that is able to handle these interruptions and manage them with confidence and keeping the student moving forward.

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