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Teach Right: How to Make Sure Your
First Year of Teaching Is a Good One

Teaching isn’t easy, and you need a real passion for the job to be able to do it well. However, in your first real year of teaching, you’ll lack years of in-classroom experience which many teachers rely on. Thousands of new teachers start out every year, and more than ever before are thinking about leaving the profession. It can be pretty tough. It's why you need to focus on making sure your first year is a good one. If it isn’t, you might want to leave. Here are some tips on ensuring you make a good start.

Start as You Mean to Go On

Don’t walk in on your first day and act in a certain way, only to change your demeanor and teaching methods later on. It’ll make life harder for you. Instead, focus on your style before you even start. Learn about the school, about the children. Ask current teachers about what they respond well to. Think back to your interview and what the children were like. Come up with a solid plan and classroom management methodology and stick to it. If you change it around abruptly it may confuse your class and it won’t always go well. 

First Year of Teaching

Seek Support

Admit to yourself that you’re new to the job and the profession. Teachers love to help out, so make sure you reach out for support when you need it. The support might comprise of a specific element of teaching, how the school’s administration system work, or just general advice and help. Most schools have good mentoring systems in place for new arrivals but it falls to you to properly utilize them. The right support can make the difference between you succeeding, or feeling completely overwhelmed by what's going on. Forge those relationships as early as you can in the school year. 

Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously

As a teacher, sometimes you have to be stern with your classes, no matter what age you teach. But try not to take the job or yourself too seriously. Lifes too short. Have fun with your class, make them laugh, and try to focus on them enjoying themselves. If they’re finding what you say interesting, the job will be a whole lot easier. Relax, and enjoy your job. It’s what you’re meant to do. 

End the Year on a High

The end of the year means a lot for students and teachers alike. Yearbooks are given out and signed, parties and huge events are had, papers are marked and summer can truly begin. You should try and end the year well. Do what you can for your class. Many teachers or those in positions of responsibility will procure and put together either high school, elementary or middle school yearbooks for their classes. You can even create your own yearbook to make sure it’s perfect for your class in general. If you purchase these yearbooks in bulk it means it’ll cost less too. 

Your first year is going to be pretty difficult, but if you can end the year on a high, it’ll all feel worthwhile. You might feel drained like you need a break but you’ll also feel an immense sense of pride in what you’ve done.

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