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Finding the Right Online English Teacher

Preply provides you with an online English teacher to help you integrate online learning into your routine seamlessly and provide you the motivation to continue studying a new language through interactive sessions. With the option of choosing the right instructor, Preply gives you the benefit of choice where you would not have if you were studying on campus.

With the advancements in technology, it is no surprise than most forms of learning are slowly making their way to the online world. Currently, living through a pandemic has forced a lot of institutions to take classes online or in mixed mode. Some have failed while others have successfully managed to integrate onto the online platforms. 

To be able to take advantage of learning English online, you require a working PC/laptop or mobile/tablet, a stable internet connection, and the willingness to study. If you lack the motivation to study, you are missing out on the most fundamental force that drives people to do things.

Our English Teachers are all native speakers and have certificates and qualifications, making them eligible to teach you. There are 2500+ teachers that come from countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.

Comparing Learning English Online

You might have the motivation to study English as a second language, but the question arises, why learn English online and not offline? What are the benefits of one over the other? Well, the answer is simple and straightforward, and we will address this question now. 

1. Convenience is a significant factor

You can study from the comfort of your home. Offline learning requires so much in-person contact time and resources, which is hardly justified by the end of the day, especially when you are tired from a whole day's work. Learning from home, on the other hand, is a luxurious experience when you make a comparison with on-campus learning. You can grab a snack and even take a short nap during the time it would take you to commute to your lessons. 

Additionally, learning online lets you study are your own pace. Conventional teaching methods force everyone to work together at the same rate, and teaching takes place in non-innovative ways forcing boredom early on into the learning process. Most of all, learning only happens when there is a teacher, whereas, with online learning, there are quizzes and assignments which you can otherwise take during the absence of a teacher. 

Moreover, conventional learning forces you to go against your peers and makes learning a challenge between classmates, while online learning instills positive reinforcement by forcing you to make yourself a standard to beat. 

2. Cost is cheap

When you take the time to sit down and make an overall estimate of the cost and resources used in online vs. offline classes, you will notice a difference in pricing by a considerable margin. Online learning eliminated the need for cost traveling. Additionally, it removes the need for paper products like goods, assignments, and quizzes. 

Offline learning adds to the cost of using a classroom, the electricity bills, and the resources presented at your disposal (i.e., projectors and computers in libraries); moreover, there are additional costs of purchasing stationery and clothing that look presentable.

3. Online learning is immersive

Conventional classroom learning is taught the same blandest manner with a monotonous tone and delivered through a teacher presenting the lesson through projecting a slideshow onto a white screen with their back facing you. With online learning, English is made fun. There are interactive sessions where the teacher is only focused on taking care of improving a single aspect at a time. One day the focus could be written English, whereas another day, the focus could be on Spoken English.

4. Online Forums allowing better socialization

When you take classes in a room at an institute, you are bound to only meet and come across the same people who are possibly of the same origin as you. With online learning, you are presented with a global audience that is there to improve their English just like you and more than willing to answer your questions and practice English with you. 

Social distancing has become a norm now, and these forums provide a place to socialize as well as learn something new every day. 

5. Your speaking power is low

Suppose you do not regularly practice speaking with your instructor or have a friend online who is open to having audio conversations with you. In that case, your speaking skills will experience the most damage. Becoming an expert in any language requires all four skills to receive the right amount of attention. Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening are the four things that need to be polished simultaneously so that no one skill gets left under practice. 

6. Online learning is technical

When studying online, you will realize that you are your technician. Whether it is for checking why your microphone won't work, why you cannot hear your tutor's voice, and why your application keeps crashing to why your internet is lagging or discontinuing. Using a PC requires soft skills, and if you are someone who lacks these skills learning online will initially be a challenging task.

7. Lack of Motivation

When studying at your own pace, you are deprived of any sense of urgency and motivation to continue learning. Everyone can agree motivation is an essential requirement that you should have when approaching learning a new language. And with the online convenience learning provides, there is a loss of balance between the advantage of self-paced learning and constant motivation. 

8. Need for discipline

Although you will be taking classes from the comfort of your home, there are specific rules of etiquette that must be maintained regardless. However, with little to no supervision during online classes, most people let go of the basic principles of online classes. If you do not create learning environment for yourself, no matter how much the tutors turn the lesson to motivate you, your progress will remain stagnant

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