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8 Reasons Why English Language Skills
Can Boost Your Career

English is becoming a truly global language, so it’s no surprise that English language skills can be useful to possess in the world of work. Research shows that two-thirds of learners in global markets such as Europe, Asia, and South America are learning English so that they can either apply for jobs at home or overseas. But you may be surprised to hear that there are several different ways that learning English or improving your English language skills can improve your career.

Demand for Multilingual Employees

Speaking a second language is not only an advantage to both individuals and the company that they work for. However, only speaking one language might hold you back in your career in the future, especially if you work for or want to work for a global company. Within global businesses, people who only speak one language are going to meet a roadblock at a certain point, with the demand for multilingual employees growing. Unless employees have cultural awareness, overseas experience, and can speak another language, it’s going to be hard for them to get past it.

Study Opportunities

Perhaps you want to study abroad in an English speaking country to improve your career prospects. If this is the case, you will usually need to pass an English language test before you can enrol as a student. Once you have the basics of the English language, there are lots of opportunities for students to advance their English skills even further. For example, you can take online English classes at to improve your grammar and written English skills, helping you get better results from your studies when writing assignments in English, and developing the skills you need to pass any mandatory English classes that are included as part of your program.

More Job Opportunities

If you only speak your first language, then you will have more limited job opportunities. On the other hand, if you can speak English, then you can look for jobs outside of your home country, which significantly increases your career prospects. If career prospects are challenging in your country, or you are considering starting a new life somewhere else, it can be very helpful to have the ability to look outside of your home borders without being held back by your language skills.

Improve Your Chance of Getting Hired

When you know a second or third language, you may have an advantage in interviews over equally skilled and educated candidates who only speak one language. Learning a second language is a great way to demonstrate to your potential employers that you have challenged yourself by learning something new and are dedicated to improving your skills – both things that most employers will look for when hiring.

Improve Your Cognition

Learning English as a second language can help to grow your brain and improve your cognition. Studies have found that individuals who speak at least two languages think differently compared to people who only speak one language. Research has found that people who speak more than one language tend to be better at remembering sequences and lists, find it easier to focus on important information, and have more awareness of their surroundings compared to monolinguals – all of which can help you perform better as an employee and get further in your career.

Connect With Co-Workers

If you work in a global company, then it’s very likely that English is going to be the common language that co-workers use to converse with each other daily. If you are a confident English speaker, then you will find it easier to communicate with your college both during the working day and when you are taking breaks. This can not only improve your teamwork skills but also make it easier for you to make new friends at work.

Make Better Decisions

Good decision-making is a trait that many employers look for in their employees, particularly if you are interested in a management position. Psychologists at the University of Chicago conducted research that found people who speak more than one language tend to make better and more logical decisions when they are using their second, non-native language. While the reason behind this is still unknown, it has been suggested that it is because of the ‘psychological distance’ between the speaker and their language, which causes them to take a more systematic approach.

Improve Your Multi-Tasking Skills

Becoming skilled at English as a second language can also help you get better at multi-tasking, which will in turn be a skill you can demonstrate to future employers to improve your chance of getting hired. It has been suggested that the reason for this is because switching between different languages is a mental exercise, and practicing doing this can make it easier for you to switch between other tasks in your work and personal life.

If you want to improve your work life and prospects, learning English as a second language or taking steps to improve your English skills can provide a significant career boost.

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