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5 Tips for Effective E-Learning

Effective E-Learning

Significance of E-Learning:

E-learning is becoming one of the most effective and accessible way of learning. From academia to business e-learning is helping individuals to excel in their fields. Now-a-days when the pandemic has blocked many ways of learning, e- learning courses and programs are still there to help and assist you. From religious, education to school assignments e-learning is providing you the variety of courses and programs to keep your knowledge up-to-date and continue your pace in learning.

E-learning not only provides you solution of your problem in academia and business but you can also lean about variety of things through this amazing platform. You can have cooking courses, baking classes, and exercise classes at your home in your bedroom. There are many websites and video tutorials with the help of which you can not only learn new skills, but can also polish your existing skills.

E-learning can also help you to set-up your businesses and start-ups, there are hundreds and thousands of videos available on internet that can guide and assist you about setting-up your business. And if you are already having a business it would help you to make it more profitable.

E-learning has revolutionized the way of learning especially in academia. Students who faced problem in communicating their concerns regarding studies, who have been shy to ask things again and again and difficulties in adjusting with the pace of institutions. They now have this platform through which they can at any time and any place access the solutions of their problems. There are no of recorded lectures available on internet on variety of topics. Students can download them and can also access them online for no. of times they want , until all their confusions are clear. Similarly written notes and solutions are also available to assist the students in their homework and assignments.

Along with this e-learning is also a great platform to continue your religious education. There are no of websites providing online courses for learning Quran. They offer variety of courses from basics including courses on Noorani Qaida, Basics of Tajweed, Translation and Tafseer of Quran. Qualified teachers are there to help and assist you in learning and reciting Quran. These teachers will also help you understand with its true essence.

But to fully exploit the benefits of this amazing platform we should know how to use it effectively. In today’s blog we will discuss five tips for effective online learning. In this blog we will discuss how can we effectively use the online learning platforms to get the maximum knowledge and skill set.

Here are some of the tips through which you can have effective online learning:

1-Set a routine:

Either it’s online course or in person study program a consistent routine is essential to get the results of the program or course you’re taking. After enrolling for a course the first thing you should do is to design a time table and follow it properly. Remind yourself about your goal every day, e.g. if you are taking a certification course remind yourself about the day when you will become a certified individual. Similarly if you’re taking a Quran course and you’re on initial i.e. courses like Noorani Qaida or Basics of Quran, remind yourself about the day when you will have completed the whole Quran.

2-Have a dedicated Space:

Having a dedicated space will help you to focus more on what you are learning. Setting up a dedicated space will not only save your time but will also save you from the hassle of finding suitable spot for every online session or class. Try to make this space distraction free, make it on some corner where there is minimum noise and interruption. If it’s in your room try to make it separate from your bed and sofa. Try to have a comfortable position. This space can be your study table, library or any peaceful spot in your home.

3-Evaluate your-self regularly:

Set goals for everyday regarding your learning and evaluate yourself at the end of the day. Review your activities and calculate how much of your target have you achieved. Make a schedule where you have written your daily targets about your home works, assignments and tasks and mark the things you are done with. For example if you are taking a Quran course and you are currently on basic courses like Noorani Qaida and having 2 exercises a day every day when you are done with your exercise mark a tick against it on your schedule.

Don’t be afraid to evaluate yourself if you have some slow days keep reviewing your activities this will help you to figure out the reasons due to which you lagged behind. Moreover, this evaluation will keep you motivated to achieve your targets and to keep the pace consistent.

4-Take Notes:

Try not to be a passive learner either its online learning or in person classes. Always try to have the notes of the lecture you are taking. Sit with a page or notebook whenever you are having a class or online lecture and jot down all the important points of the lecture. This will help you a lot in future when you would have to revise your lessons. This would also help you to memorize important things of the lecture.

Do not hesitate to ask your tutor for clarification if you need it. If there is something in your assignment that you find unclear, you should talk to your teacher. For instance, if you're a marketing student, you can get your marketing questions answered by professionals and receive a step-by-step answer. This helps encourage active learning.

If you are not having lectures or tutorials and you are just reading an online blog still try to have a paper and pen with you note down all the important points of the blog so that next you don’t need to read the whole blog.

5-Avoid Multi-tasking:

Try not to start many things simultaneously, instead prioritize your goals and start with the most important and after completing it start the other one. Multi-tasking can not only frustrate you but can also affect the productivity of your brain.If you will do one thing at a time you would be able to absorb it more and can have more productive results.

Author Bio:

Alishba Mano is a social worker and a content writer. She gained his bachelor in Business Administration. Along with writing, her favorite hobbies include playing tennis, travelling and exploring new places.

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