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Does Education Matter in Our Modern World?

The short answer is yes, it does matter. But let’s dive into the topic and decide why and into what life experiences it contributes.

First of all, there are two types of education: formal and informal. The first type means following the traditional educational system from school and up to university. And it contributes to the future carrier opportunities and the ability to successfully release your potentiality. Of course, it is not obligatory for all professions – some of them are available without a college degree. There are those that are really hard to get into without it or even impossible because they require specific skills and knowledge.

For instance, you cannot practice medicine without specific education, and it is obvious all over the world. And the point is that educational process gets more concerned with technologies that rapidly evolve; therefore, we need to train more.

Formal education helps not only with practicing a specific field of knowledge but prepares students for life in a community. With learning, you learn to express yourself and think critically. You get to know the world and understand the processes that surround us better. Being aware of the benefits and problems of our society helps us to improve it and makes you curious of the world around you. The goal is not only to give you several facts but to make you look into the crucial points. Education should concentrate not on “What?”, but rather on “Why?”

The discussion of the relevance of formal education in the 21st century goes on. The focus changes to the more practical ways of preparation before entering a workplace. The Washington Post article states, regarding this issue, that the emphasis on the cultural and academic purpose of education needs to be changed for something more up-to-date.

But still, the studies and researches show that people with a formal degree have better opportunities to enter quality jobs. First of all, a degree is a reassurance to employers of the applicant’s skills. But this is not the only benefit. Recently, Entrepreneur posted an article related on the issue. The main point is that a college is a unique place where you can develop and improve several crucial skills for any job simultaneously.

The college community and classes endorse communication skills, and this is vital for any position. You need to be verbal and clear about your ideas. Rhetorical figures help you to become persuasive and promote your services.

Another essential skill you need is writing. In college, you have to write lots of tasks, researches, and essays. And although it may sound boring sometimes, it increases your abilities to written communication. Needless to say, that in for many office jobs this a crucial skill. You will have to write emails and prepare presentations, etc. Of course, you don’t really need to do everything on your own. Like students who choose to hire someone to write my college essay because they lack the time or cannot deal with all the pressure on their own, you too can delegate your responsibilities to some of your colleagues. But of course, you will still have to know how to write a decent email or a text, because otherwise, you won’t be able to communicate properly.

So, formal education is a beneficial way to invest in your future success, but you should never underestimate the informal one which is an educational activity that is practiced outside the traditional system. You can get self-educated during your lifetime. Getting to do something new makes you learn. The world changes every day, and we need to retrain and renew our basic knowledge continuously. Basically, starting every new activity or job, you continue your informal education.

To sum up, any kind of education is relevant today. It helps you not only learn facts but to communicate and collaborate with other people. It makes you aware of the worlds so you can contribute to it in a good way. And informal education is unavoidable because you learn something every day. You can choose a traditional path and be sure that it is a good investment in your future. Try to get the best use of the opportunities any college provides you with – widen your experience with extra curriculum activities.

And if you choose self-education, it is also a good start – focus on what is important precisely for you and get down to it. This way you can concentrate on the specific tasks and issues that are relevant to your carrier and eliminate the unnecessary things. But remember that it might be a bit more challenging as you are to create your own educational course and be your own judge.

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