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Education During Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has made a huge impact on the world. Large disruptions and difficulties have been faced for more than one and a half years now. The education sector is also highly affected because of the coronavirus. There has been complete closure and shut down of schools, colleges, universities,and educational institutions all across the globe. According to the research, around 188 countries have closed their schools for safety purposes and concerns of teachers and the students. The government has been trying its best to protect the youth from this deadly disease. The traditional education system and format have been disturbed a lot. Everyone needs to follow the guidelines and protocols of coronavirus to practice protection and safety. The year 2020 has changed the academic life for all teachers and students across the globe. The learning practices and policies are different from the way they used to be for all. Bhutan was the very first country to take this step and close schools to ensure the safety of youth. But as we say, work is worship, and our work should never stop. Life must go on. Yes, we face hardships, obstructions, or obstacles but finding alternatives and other ways to continue life should be done. Different opportunities can be taken to learn, impact, and receive an education.

The advancement of science and technology led to the innovation of online teaching. E-learning facilities or online teaching has emerged and as a savior during the pandemic and played a crucial role in the education field. It facilitated learning and imparting, receiving education virtually, without stepping out of our homes or residents. Covid pandemic introduced us to digital learning. The need of the hour was to continue education and online teaching gave us the top opportunity. It gave us innovative ideas and opportunities to grow in life. It helped educational institutions and systems to continue providing quality knowledge and education to the students in these difficult times. It promoted student-teacher engagement virtually and promoted productivity and learning effectively.

With the help of a good internet facility and network devices such as mobile phones, computers,laptops, and tablets Classroom can be conducted teaching virtually. The online teaching facility is growing and reaching greater heights of success at a very fast rate. This made us practice and involve modern advancements and technology in our learning and education. It is providing better facilities and flexibility to the instructors as well as learners. Innovative and attractive learning tools make online teaching fun and full of enthusiasm and this is their hard work to achieve success.

The education sector has developed several platforms to conduct virtual classes. These platforms are applications or mobile /computer software also known as online classes apps. These apps can be easily downloaded on our phones. They act as a medium to connect students and teachers virtually and help them to carry the process of exchange of information. There are several advantages of the online classes app. Let’s discuss the top characteristics that the best app to teach online should have.

Simple and user friendly

The online teaching app should be user-friendly which means the access login, logout, and usages should be simple and easy. This will help teachers and students to take online classes easily without much effort and problems. Convenient teaching will attract more numbers of teachers and students. And this will automatically increase the app engagement. Economic growth, as well as the growth of online teaching, can be achieved via the creation of this kind of online class app. The app should provide the best-serving facilities to its users. This will make study fun and less challenging for students. They won’t be facing any kind of pressure.

Interactive and attractive

The best app to teach online should be interactive as well as attractive to catch the attention ofthe users. A very eye-catching competition should be created to make it different and the bestas compared to other apps in the competition. The learning space should be collaborative andshould include more teacher-student interaction. This will prepare them to active and morevocal. This way they will grow and become active adults of our nation. Vocal communication andinteraction among students as well as with teachers play a very crucial role to make learningeffective and efficient. For this, presentations, oral tests, debates, recitations, and competitionscan be organized.

This way learning via online modes can be made efficient and super beneficial for teachers andstudents.

A developed system or app should be different, engaging, and productive. For growth in thebusiness of online teaching, the best app should include these key characteristics. We hope thatthe above-mentioned information is useful while deciding on the selection of an online classapp.

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