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What Is Best for Learning:
E-Books or Paper Books?

ebooks or paper

Some readers have strong opinions about which is better: an e-book or a classic one. On the one hand, you are saving a tree when choosing an electronic device. On the other hand, a paper book means that you spend less time looking into a screen.

But if we speak in terms of education, which options are better? There are a lot of electronic versions of all the literature required for the course, thus you don’t need to buy a paperback medium. Nowadays, students are too hectic to spend some time in a library. More so, it is kind of inconvenient to carry a book with you everywhere. Additionally, a small gadget that weighs just about like a cell phone might seem more appealing. One can find it easier to carry their favorite book in the form of an ebook which can almost invisibly be with you wherever you are!

Pros and Cons of Using Books vs E-Books for Studying

ebooks or paper

Let’s review a rundown between studying books and Kindle to see which one is better...

  • Interactive vs Static visuals
    Studies delivered that kids are easily distracted by the interactive materials in the e-books. Well, it is not so problematic when it comes to college materials. On he same note, university stuff may be tough without visual aid. Thus, e-book with an option to zoom any image or table can offer more than traditional ones with their pictures.

    At this point, paper book vs e-book might be losing, as an electronic version has to propose more.

  • Comprehension
    Some readers fail to comprehend the full scope of information they view on screen as opposed to the book. But currently, people are getting used to gadgets, so they can perceive as much information as from a traditional medium.

    Paper books vs e-books statistics won’t really be meaningful to a student. Should a youngster comprehend more from a gadget rather than a printed book, it happens because it is more of a habit to perceive information from a screen, rather than the actual confirmation of e-books being more effective than their traditional counterparts.

  • Price aspect
    Paper books are expensive. However, any college library has the majority of them easily accessible for you almost any time. If you really need paper books, you could try buying from students who attended the course a year before.

    Kindle and tablets are expensive too. In addition, you still pay for the books, electricity, as well as the Internet. Of course, you could access the net from a cafe, though you’d still have to buy a coffee at least. In the long run, pocket e-books are more cost-efficient than the traditional ones and, as mentioned earlier, they are much more convenient.

    Reading any book online requires some donations especially if it is the latest result of a study. A common case with the college assignments. Even if you choose to give up on reading altogether and get a research paper for sale you will still have to pay.

  • Developing skills
    Presently, speed reading is a quite widely spread technique that was not so popular 20 years ago. It saves you a lot of time to go through a text, of course. However, to master this method you are required to use traditional books over their digital counterparts. Higher education has always demanded a lot of reading, and it would be awesome to finish a big book in just a couple of days.

    Well, even though there are numerous apps that help you learn this skill, it can be applied to paper books almost exclusively. Thus, if you want to be able to read really fast, you might be willing to postpone the purchase of a digital device and stick to the traditional media. Anyway, you might be able to apply the skill to the reading of e-books later.

  • Affecting sleep regime
    We often allocate space for reading right before going to bed. As for students, every bit of time is generally dedicated to studying.

    Reading a paper book just like an electronic one is somewhat unhealthy, if you decide to do that lying in your bed. First of all, you may suffer from the pain in your neck. Secondly, both of them are harmful to the eyesight. When it comes to traditional books, most people don’t use normal lighting, especially when lying in bed. As for the digital ones, their screens cast ultraviolet that affects human brain in such a way that it won’t let you to go to sleep fast.

    To address this, review the rules of healthy reading. Mind the position of your head as well as proper lighting. Thus, you will benefit from reading much more. As you know, our brain memorizes and processes new information when we are asleep. To use this feature to your advantage, be mindful of negative factors that can be caused by improper reading.

So, what are the final recommendations on books?

ebooks or paper

If you are able to read in a well-lit room and you are not afraid of carrying a paper book with you, then it is a good option. Moreover, the smell of print and paper pages can boost your endorphin.

On the other hand, there are e-books with LED screens that adjust the light according to the environment not to harm the reader’s eyesight. Definitely, it is a feature to consider. Moreover, these are more convenient to carry everywhere. If you are not a conservative type, then why not to try this gadget? Ultimately, the choice is yours.

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