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Role of Digital Learning Platforms
in Academic Growth

Digital Learning Platforms

Digital Learning Platforms:

Digital learning means getting an education by using any digital device like a computer, mobile, and iPad. The internet is connected with these devices and then students get the education from the internet service that is referred to as an online learning platform. It is the kind of software that is designed to assist the student in education.

In the pandemic of this COVID-19, these digital learning platforms play a vital role. Students get an education by sitting in their homes. It is a virtual class. Many platforms like udemy, Zoom, Team, etc are online learning platforms.

Connection of Digital Learning Platforms with the Academic Growth:

Digital devices have now become a vital part of our lives. Digital learning platforms play a vital role in the growth of education. Due to these digital learning platforms, students are easily getting online courses to enhance their skills. Many higher organizations are offering online courses. Digital learning is cost-effective and reliable. For this mode of learning, just a good connection to the internet is required. If some students do not want to continue the online course then they can drop the course whenever they want.

Digital learning does not help you to check your weakness and your strength. All students do not perceive online or digital education as good. There is no instructor in digital learning management to check your progress. Only serious students have the benefits of the Digital Learning System.

Although physical classes have their own charm and place, the online system connects you with the globe. These online courses depend on human activity. Because in online system a student is responsible for his/her education. The background of the student in education also matters a lot. In the Digital learning platforms the teacher matters a lot, the staff must be trained and know the different skills to attract the students.

The academic world is growing very fast and by the Online management system, you can connect yourself with the best educational institutes. The popular institute offers short courses. Google is the most used browser, it also offers the Google Classroom free to the student. It is a web service, providing mass distribution, drafting, and assignments for grades. Assignments are submitted in Word format there is no use of paper in it. By using the Google classroom the learning system becomes reliable and easy. It is very easy for the students and teachers to share the files.

Digital Learning systems make everything easy to learn. If you want to learn Quran Pak Online by sitting in your home then it is also easy. There are many websites that are offering the tutor for Quran learning. Online Quran tutor gives you a live class and teaches you the Quran recitation with its proper articulation points. The Quran is the Muslim's Holy book and it is obligatory for the Muslims to recite the Holy Quran with its proper right.

Advantages of Digital Learning Platforms:

  1. Recorded lectures are provided, you can take a lecture whenever you want.
  2. Lectures are available for 24 hours. You can get access to the lectures if you have an internet connection.
  3. You have to study by yourself, that is the obligatory part of higher education. You get a chance to enhance your mind and think out of the plane.
  4. You can choose a subject and course of your choice.
  5. Your written communication skills will be enhanced. You have to communicate with your teacher via emails and text.
  6. It is cost-effective and reliable.
  7. Communication between students and teachers becomes fast but it is slow.
  8. You get the knowledge of new technologies and their uses.

Disadvantages of Digital Learning Platforms:

  1. Too much screen time affects the eyesight of a student.
  2. The physical and mental health of the student was disturbed a lot.
  3. Due to a lack of physical activities, students become lazy.
  4. The interest of students in education is reduced.
  5. Students start to do the papers by means of cheating, just to get the degree, not an education.

Besides all the advantages there are also some disadvantages. It is like every beautiful flower has a throne in the stick.


Digital Learning platforms help the students a lot to get education in a reliable way. Students can communicate with their fellows and teachers. These digital devices that are used for the Digital learning system have emitted dangerous rays that are not good for human physical and mental health. With online studies, students can also do any job. In the tough time of lockdown, this digital system of education helps the students to stay in touch with their studies. It is also very good for the student who cannot afford the fee of the institute.

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