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The Most Dangerous Schools in America

Dangerous schools USA

Sadly, institutions have become dangerous places. That, unfortunately, is the reality. Today, more and more parents choose home-based programmes for their children because of the danger at every turn. This is sad because education is not only the foundation for success but also a path to a much better life. If there is a necessity to write a research paper or if you need help with homework, you easily can ask KingEssays for help and professional writers will do it for you. And if you want your children to pass their certification exams easily, PrepAway offers first attempt guaranteed success with comptia A+ exams.

The learning institutions in this list, however, are dangerous because of the yard fights where kids may even fight with guns or knives. As a parent, the information on this list will help you make a better choice for your child’s education. The last thing you want is to take your child to an educational facility where their young lives could be ended.

Without further ado, and similar services created lists of the most dangerous American institutions. Here is one of them:

  • Abraham Lincoln high school, Philadelphia
    This may sound ironic, but it is named after a hero. However, since the federal law was put in place in 2006 that requires keeping an eye on persistently dangerous students, this school has made it to the list each year. While its crime rates are increasingly dropping, they are still much higher than is expected from most institutions. For instance, in 2011 a teacher’s life was threatened by a student using a pair of scissors. This was the fourth teacher to be assaulted in two weeks. According to students and parents, the incidences at the school are becoming more violent and scary each day.
  • Strawberry Mansion high school
    Each year, students here have to be welcomed by police officers and have their pockets and bags searched for weapons like switch knives and blades. The students here are hot-tempered and violent. As of 2013, all the students are required to go through the metal detectors. Inside, there are over 94 security cameras. Although their behavior has changed in the recent past and it is described as a force at regional and city science fairs.
  • East St. Louis Lincoln middle school, Illinois
    By the neighborhood of Scout, it is considered the worst public learning institution in the county. While this school does not have terrible behavior, your child will barely learn anything. In the Common Core PARCC tests, they perform horribly. Only 8% of the students in the school are considered ready for the next academic level, and that does not give much hope as far as academic performance is considered.
  • South Philadelphia high school
    This is yet another school in Philadelphia that are notorious for racial violence. The bullying cases are extremely rampant in this school. According to a statistic conducted, there were more than 530 assaults reported in 5 years. Many more remain unreported because the assaulted kids are too afraid. Gangs are an issue both on the streets and within the school. These gangs mainly target Asian American students, and they beat them up. Nineteen languages are spoken in the school – that is how diverse it is but bullying is a major concern for all involved.
  • Harvard University, Cambridge
    In 2009, there were two reported cases of forcible rapes, and that is how this university became ranked in the worst universities in America. There are at least two rape cases reported in two weeks each semester. Most female and some male students state that they do not feel safe around the campus. The college ranks high on the danger chart because there were well over 128 forcible rapes reported in three years, 900 burglaries and 170 aggravated assaults. Most of these crimes, as pointed out by the police, are the results of the urban environment.
  • Harper high school, Chicago
    This school’s insecurity issues mainly emerge from the fact that it is located in a crime-ridden neighborhood of Englewood. This makes it a dangerous learning environment for young students. Between August 2011 and June 2012 27 learners were shot and eight of them fatally. Across the district 319 of both former and current learners are killed or wounded in gun violence incidences. Police patrol inside and outside the school keep the campus in order, but they cannot control the poor academic performances at the school because of the environment.
  • Rutgers University, Newark
    The average Rutgers University violent crime rate is 9 per year and 167 for property theft. 2016 was the worst year for this university with 16 violent crimes reported where one student was killed and one forcibly raped. The crime rates in this year were 212. Students in this college are not effective.
  • University of California, Santa Barbara
    There was an article written in the weekly UCSB newspaper. The paper highlighted, among other things, the numerous calls and emails the campus police have been receiving about the increased crime rates. Over the years, crimes have increased. The school was ranked 19 in the daily beast’s list of dangerous campuses. It has 119 aggravated assaults and 159 burglaries in 2008-2010. In 2012, these crimes went up by 15%. Students believe that the problems are getting worse.
  • Lakeview middle school, Greenville, SC
    Schools in South Carolina are ranked as the worst schools in the US. While the school management is trying to change things in this school, they are not very successful. The discipline and academic performances are growing worse by the day. Things do get worse when students bully each other and cause each other injuries and other bodily harm.


While most of the schools in this list are trying to change things, it will take years of management and cooperation from the learners and the community. For now, however, if you want your child to get the best education and discipline, these are not the schools to choose.

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