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5 Common Mistakes People Make
While Learning English Online

Learning English Online

Many people are enthusiastic about taking online English courses. However, not everyone manages to make the most out of them. There are a lot of different reasons why people fail to do so. Let us take a closer look at six of the most common ones.

#1 Not Communicating with the Instructor

Communication with your instructor is key in live online classes. Even though you are separated physically, you can still interact with your instructor. You need to take advantage of that and ask them to solve your problems or confusion. At times, you should just talk to them in English as practice.

Students often stay unbothered about interacting with their instructors. As a result, they fail to clear their confusion and have to suffer in the long run. Such interaction with the teacher is very important, especially in language courses. Not only do students need to learn how to write, but they should also know how to speak the language. For the all-around learning experience, thorough communication with the instructor is a must.

#2 Not Practicing the Assigned Worksheets

Given that most online English language courses are self-paced, people often tend to procrastinate when it comes to solving the necessary worksheets and exercises. This is more common if the courses are free of charge. As a result, students barely learn anything and fail to make the most out of those courses.

Even if you are facing problems with the worksheets, you should still attempt to solve them. You can even reach out to expert tutors online to help you with the English answers. These are professional tutors who are well-versed in their respective subjects.

Be it grammar or literature, these English teachers can help you with anything. Be sure to study the worksheets after they have helped you solve them. Otherwise, there is no point in getting them to help you.

#3 Seeing It as a Leisure Activity

Many students sign up for online English or language classes just because they get bored at home. This became a common sight during the COVID-19 pandemic. With nothing else to do, they initially thought that learning a new language or honing their existing skills would be a great idea.

Sadly, these thoughts do not last long. Within a few weeks into the course, many students lose interest in it. Some stop attending the classes while others are just there for the sake of it.

To make the most out of these classes, you have to stop seeing them as a fun or leisure activity. Do not enroll in the program unless you are sure that you can see it through to the end. 

#4 Not Practicing Outside Class Hours

Even though some students do manage to make it through the online course, they are still unable to retain most of the lessons. That is because they do not practice those lessons outside class hours.

You can only understand your lessons when you study them yourself. This is something you have to ensure, especially for language courses. Unlike other subjects, English is something that requires frequent practice with your peers. Irrespective of whether you are learning it as a complete beginner or just getting some practice done, all of it will be fruitless if you do not practice outside the class.

Talk to your friends, family members, or whoever can speak good English. You could even get in touch with a classmate from your English class for this purpose. Both of you will be able to get some much-needed English practice that way. 

#5 Not Practicing Enough Writing

Talking to others will take care of the speaking part of your lessons. For the writing part, you have to practice accordingly.

There are three main reasons why you need to practice writing. Firstly, it helps you to learn the topics more effectively. Secondly, you get to learn unfamiliar words and their spellings. Finally, through regular practice, you can improve your English writing speed.

While practicing writing, avoid using smart keyboards on your smartphones, or turn off the autocorrect and word suggestion options. Otherwise, you will become so used to it that you will not bother learning the spelling of any difficult word because the phone will do it all for you.

That is all. Keep these points in mind and do not make the same mistakes during your online English lessons.

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