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College Student Struggles and Aid Opportunities

In 2020 nationally, 60% of college students struggled to meet their basic needs. This meant they lacked access to stable sources of food, housing, and other living essentials. Over 10% even experienced homelessness. While this is a problem across racial groups, students of color were most likely to experience these challenges.

Food and housing insecurity is a problem on its own, yet it also makes other problems worse. A student who’s worried about hunger or eviction is 15 times more likely to fail a class. Less than 1 in 5 of students struggling this way graduate in 5 years. 

This is an equity issue in education. Low income individuals are 5 times more likely to move out of poverty if they obtain a college degree. But these are the very students unable to graduate due to unmet financial needs! Emergency financial assistance can be the difference between prosperity and poverty.

College Student Struggles and Aid Opportunities

Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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