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College Mergers: Is Your School At Risk

Did you know that from 2018-2022 there were 95 college mergers? The COVID-19 pandemic caused serious financial strain on colleges due to lower enrollment and economic struggles, and many colleges were at risk to close because of that. To avoid closing, many colleges merged with other, more stable universities and were able to remain open to students.

College mergers can be very beneficial as they keep universities open, but there can be some problems that arise. Not having faculty support for a merger could lead to higher turnover and potential staffing problems. Students may feel a loss of identity as their university experience is completely changed, or they feel a lack of support as more energy is placed on planning the merger than ensuring students feel heard. This is why while mergers can help save universities, it is important to ensure colleges receive proper funding so that they do not run the risk of having to merge. 

Smaller schools run the risk of closing, especially schools that have less than 5,000 students. Small private schools are running the risk of having to merge as they are currently experiencing sharp declines in their enrollment. To learn more about college mergers and if your school may be at risk, take a look at the infographic below:

College Mergers: Is Your School At Risk

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