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College Tips for Freshmen


College life comes with mixed emotions. You can feel overwhelmed, sometimes you can feel like you aren’t ready for what is waiting for you, and sometimes you may feel excited, ready to feel and explore college life.

If you want to love and enjoy your college life, having the basics and staying organized is the key. Can you imagine a scenario where you are in an exam room, only to realize you don’t have a geometry set? Or when you need to hire a psychology essay writer only to realize that you need a laptop? Such situations can be stressful and mind-draining. However, with a backpack, you can always pack all the college essentials and stay ready for school without having to worry. In this guide, we highlight the basic things your backpack shouldn’t miss. Keep reading to learn more.

Things you should carry in your backpack

Your college backpack shouldn’t miss any of the following basics to ensure you have a smooth and easy life while in college:

Laptop & Charger

In college, you will need to do research when writing essays, taking notes, and saving assignments, among other related tasks.

Therefore, as you pack your backpack, ensure it has space for a simple yet reliable laptop with a charger to ease your learning experience.

Writing Tools

As long as you are in college, you can get yourself in a position where you need to take notes or mark your newly acquired textbooks. Besides, what if you want to complete your assignment at your favorite spot? Therefore, having writing tools cush as mechanical pencils, ballpoint pens of multiple colors, white-outs, highlighters, and permanent markers will make your life in college smooth.

Pro tip: If possible, get a small, unique, and colored pouch specifically for your pens and pencils for easy picking from the backpack.


A calculator is a significant tool for most college courses, especially for math and science classes. Can you imagine solving calculus and equation problems without a calculator? Even when the questions are easy, they will seem tough when you don’t have a calculator. Therefore, your backpack shouldn’t miss a calculator at all costs!

Pro tip: Some classes require a specific calculator. Take note of this and pack the right calculator to avoid panicking, especially if it is an exam.


Textbooks play a big role in learning. For instance, what if you are doing assignments and homework and you need some reference materials? What if you are doing research for your essay? What if a specific class requires you to have specific textbooks? As you can see, there are many instances you can use textbooks while in college. Therefore, include the right textbooks in your backpack for efficiency.


A planner helps you prioritize tasks based on their importance and urgency. As a college student, a planner will update you on the exam timetable so that you know what you should study at a specific time. Besides, the planner will help you maximize your time and remain productive while in college. Therefore, make sure your backpack has a planner always.


What if you want to listen to music during your relaxing time? While even though studying is a priority in college, you will also need some time off the books to relax your mind and body. Therefore, having headphones in your backpack comes in handy when you want to listen to some cool music.

Healthy Snacks

While studying, you will need some meaningful breaks to get healthy snacks and water to relax your mind and re-energize your body. It could be a bit hard having to run from one place to another trying to get a snack. Instead, save the extra time and pack some healthy snacks in your backpack for convenience.

Pro tip: pack durable snacks that are highly nutritious. Also, pack snacks that won’t mess up with other contents in the backpack because of spillages.

Nuts, apples, and bananas are among the many other nutritious yet durable snack options.


Are you almost joining college? Or are you already in college and struggling with organizing yourself? The chances are that you need a high-quality backpack to pack the basic college requirements to have a smooth college life.

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