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Choosing the Perfect Online Tutoring Platform: A Comprehensive Guide

Students commonly face learning difficulties caused by intrinsic or extrinsic factors, which may lead to learning gaps. Learning gaps affect the academic performance of students. A viable and digital means to address these learning difficulties is having online tutors. With the rising number of tutoring platforms, here are key points to guide you in choosing the best to soar high.

1. Gets the Best Tutors for You

One concrete way to know whether a platform can get you engaged with academically superior tutors is by looking at the qualifications of their tutoring roster. A tutor's Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank, or ATAR, is an excellent norm-referenced indicator of a tutor's academic standing.

In fact, a Journal of Student Engagement: Education Matters study states that teachers empower and influence their students by offering a supportive, quality learning environment. So, use a platform like KIS Academics, where teachers or tutors provide a conducive online environment where you are supported, inspired, and challenged to do better. 

2. Flexible Online Classroom Population

Learners have various learning preferences. Some prefer studying alone, and some would prefer studying with peers. In addition, extroverted and introverted personalities could plausibly affect a student's learning experience with a newly met tutor. Some might find it uncomfortable to be alone in a session without the presence of peers.

Even so, some websites only offer one-on-one sessions. It is wise to prefer an online tutor platform that also considers these learning preferences.

3. Personalized Learning Experiences

As previously mentioned, students have learning preferences. There are also learning styles, which vary from person to person. The four foremost of these styles of learning are:

  • Auditory
  • Kinesthetic
  • Reading/Writing
  • Visual

These are significant in the success of teaching and learning because knowing these allows a teacher or tutor to have a better strategy for providing the most optimum learning experience. Some platforms offer one-size-fits-all lessons. However, quality tutoring programs integrate various instructional materials that could accommodate the tutee's needs.

4. Teaches Tutees "How to Learn"

Most of the world's educational systems today lean on student-centered learning, where students are free to learn while the teachers facilitate learning. It is also integral that a tutoring platform teaches students "how to learn," including the strategies they could integrate into their academic efforts and the habits they could form.

On top of that, they should also be taught "why they need to know how to learn." As they advanced in the educational ladder, it is plausible that they will not be spoonfed with what they should learn. Rather, they will be encouraged to learn independently. 

5. Assessment and Feedbacking

Assessments are integral in monitoring student progress. Assignments and essays may be considered as assessments in the classroom. As marked, they are good indicators of what students find difficult and need to improve in the future. They will also have a better perspective on the areas in which they excel—giving them a reward or reinforcement that could motivate them to do even better.

Choose an online tutoring service that has great assignment and essay marking features. It is preferred that humans check these tasks and that they will provide comprehensive feedback on the tasks given. Make sure that confidentiality is practiced in the tutoring platform you choose.

6. Diverse Specialization

Achieving your academic goal might require a specialized course. Each of these reputed certifications might expect a different proficiency or skill set from you.

Look into courses that could give you the essential "heads-up." It is desirable to have learning materials containing possible items you would encounter in your target examinations. Also, you would benefit from the experience and expertise of tutors who had flying colors in taking the same tests.

7. Accessibility and Flexibility

In a conducive learning environment, student focus is a priority. The same goes for your online tutoring platform. It should have a sleek and non-distractive layout. The visuals of its interface should be pleasing to the eyes to avoid straining after long hours of exposure. 

Besides that, its interface should be easily navigated even by young learners. Convenience minimizes the risk of frustration among tutees, which, if not considered, might dampen its users' motivation to learn.

Another convenience that an online tutoring service should offer is flexibility when it comes to time. Although formal schools have daily schedules, some students have extra-curricular or non-academic commitments. So, flexible tutoring services and 24/7 accessible learning materials greatly help address a more inclusive number of student needs.

8. Impressive Reviews and User Testimonies

Looking into a platform's user-evaluated reviews is a great way to find out whether it is trustworthy. Google reviews are initial indicators of an online business's performance, with outstanding services getting five stars as the highest rate. So, search for the stars on this one.

A reliable online tutoring platform will be able to provide user testimonies that can support their claims of providing quality learning sessions. Tutee and parent narratives can also give you insight into which services a platform performs best so you can manage your expectations and have a better experience.

Get a Good Tutoring Deal for Your Money

In a nutshell, there are numerous things to remember in selecting the perfect people for you. But it is not impossible, nor is it hard. Sometimes, the best people are just one hyperlink away.

Choose a trusted and high-performing online tutoring platform to enjoy crossing out those learning lags. Why suffer when you can rock your after-school sessions with trusted guides any day?

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